Current List of FIDE Sponsored Olympiad Captains

To date these are the trainers who have expressed interest to be in the program and have provided a resume.

No.FIDE IDNameTitle(s)FedD.O.B.Rating
12203650José Francisco Suárez RoaFM, FST, FAESP19632047
23501841Renier GonzalezGMUSA19722447
3700010Zoltan RibliGM, FST, IAHUN19512528
43201805Leonid SandlerIM, FT, IAAUS19622227
514603683Tadej SakelsekIM, FTSLO19862409
614600013Georg MohrGM, FSTSLO19652434
7308633Michal KonopkaIM, FSTCZE19662353

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