For the past 18 months the Trainer’s Commission in FIDE has debated ways to restructure the rules so they could solve a lot of problems with the existing system.

The first of these problems is a legacy problem. We have in the system many trainer’s that could not have qualified for their titles, which undermines the respect for the system.

Secondly, it is presumed that those qualified to train grandmasters are by definition the most qualified to train people of all levels, which is evidently not true. 

Thirdly, the training of grandmasters is given a higher status than the training of children, for example, which is in a contradiction to the development of chess. 

Fourthly, the current system has a strong enticement for some people to go for the “highest title they can pay for” and others to “pay as little as possible”, automatically giving a title system that has no function.

Fifthly, the rules will ensure that proper channels are followed and the title system is not undermined by politics.


We will replace all existing titles with just that of FIDE Trainer and FIDE Senior Trainer.

All FIDE Trainers may have one or more licences considered equal in value, but with different range. The skill of teaching is different to the skill of playing chess and the skills of teaching at different levels are not the same.

The Grassroot License is based on skills necessary to bring new players to chess as well as to teach children in schools and clubs how to play chess and prepare them for tournament play. In rating terms this means roughly up to 1400, though regional differences apply.

Talent Development License is based on the skills needed to teach and develop players of club level with the aspiration that they may improve their level sufficiently to play at a titled level, should they so desire. Often this is the strongest kids at a chess club, amateurs wishing to improve at their part time and club trainers. In rating terms, this means 1400-2300, over 90% of all FIDE rated players.

International Trainer License are for those with experience and competency in training titles players or those close to achieving title norms. To pass the examination for this license, there has to be strong qualifications in this area of chess training as well as significant experience. This area applies to players rated 2300 and above, less than 5% of FIDE rated players.

FIDE Senior Trainer is a honorary trainer title that can be applied for by trainers with all three licenses.

We welcome constructive feedback which can be directed by email to

Jacob Aagaard, TRG Chairman