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Tuesday, 16 July 2013 00:00

16 July 2013:

FIDE Trainers’ Commission FIDE Trainers' Awards 2012


20 January 2013:

FIDE TRG Trainers' Awards 2012 (Rules)

FIDE TRG Trainers' Awards (History 2008-2011) (updated with clickable hyperlinks towards info pages)


FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov awarding the Tree of Chess to FIDE Senior Trainer Efstratios Grivas
(photo courtesy of Anastasiya Karlovich)

2012.09.24 FIDE Trainer Awards 2008-2011

2012.07.17 FIDE Trainer Awards 2011 Results

2012.06.28 FIDE Trainer Awards 2011 Rules


Krakow (Poland) FIDE Congress 2011 FIDE Trainer 2010 Awards: FST Grivas with TRG "Tree of Chess" receipient FST Tukmakov

2009.05.04 The Nominations for FIDE Trainer Awards (pdf)
2009.10.22 FIDE Trainer Awards 2008 (pdf)

"TRAINERS AWARDS 2008: I was delighted to get a Boleslavsky Medal from FIDE. This was a very big honor for me, especially because there were so many excellent books competing. I think that the jury might like the concept for training's book series. I feel inspired to continue my work in this direction. Artur Jussupow"

"TRAINERS AWARDS 2008: I am very thankful to all for the Petrosian Medal Award. We simply love chess. It is very nice to get it from colleagues. Smbat Lputian"

"TRAINERS AWARDS 2008: I consider the Botvinnik Medal Award as the highest prize for my trainer work for my country. Of course, this success was based on my own trainers work, like late Oleg Dementiev. I studied a lot from the greats, especially from Tigran Petrosian. Plus all my pupils supported me with their devotion to chess and their fighting abilities. I think that it was high time to start Nominations for the best trainers, as trainers are forgotten many times. Arshak Petrosian"


2010.03.03 FIDE Trainer Awards 2008 & 2009 - The Tree of Chess! (pdf)


2010.07.04 FIDE Trainer Awards 2009
CV Boris Alterman (doc)
CV Efstratios Grivas (doc)
CV Kameswaran Visweswaran (doc) (nomination)

2010.09.28 FIDE Trainer Awards 2009 - Rules (pdf)
2010.07.17 FIDE Trainer Awards 2009 - Results (pdf)
2010.09.28 FIDE Trainer Awards 2009 - Results 2 (pdf)


2010.11.14 Interview with FST Artur Jusupov (link)

2011.03.19 FIDE Trainer Awards 2010 - Rules (doc)

2011.07.10 FIDE Trainer Awards 2010 - Rules & Results (link)

Kirsan Iluymzhinov

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