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12 July 2018: The FIDE Trainers’ Commission (TRG) is pleased to announce the tenth FIDE-TRG Trainer Awards Results for 2017.

26 July 2017:
In Memoriam:
Aloyzas Kveinys
Famous player and trainer Grand Master Aloyzas Kveinys has passed away at age 56 only. Kveinys was trainer of Team Iran, and remained an active player into his final month.
FIDE Chess Profile
Lithuania Chess Federation

18 June 2018
"Opening of the temporary exhibition “Alphonso teaches Bronstein!” at the Museum of Byzantine Culture, on Wednesday 27 June 2018, at 20.00, in Thessaloniki, Greece"
download flyers in English, Greek, and Russian language: zip

25 April 2018

Summer Chess Camp (with Kasparov Chess Foundation), Maribor (Slovenia), 23-28 July 2018: Invitation
21. Vasja Pirc Memorial Open Maribor, 30 July - 5 August 2018
(W)GM and (W)IM Round Robin "21st Pirc Memorial" Maribor (Slovenia), 30 July - 5 August 2018

7 February 2018 (updated 1 March 2018): Half year educational program for Africa and Asia

FIDE-TRG Online Training Program 2018 - Updated Program - Africa
FIDE-TRG Online Training Program 2018 - Updated Program - Asia

31 January 2018
: TRG is announcing its annual meeting to be held in Amman, Jordan, April 21st to 24th, 2018.
The meeting is under the authorisation of the International Chess Federation (FIDE), the Royal Jordan Chess Federation (RJCF)
and the Asia Chess Academy (ACA).

24 October 2017
"Written by four renowned Chess Grandmasters, this book offers a step-by-step blueprint on how to improve at the game of games - chess."


28 April 2017 TRG Annual Meeting 2017
TRG is announcing its annual meeting to be held in Budva, Montenegro, June 10th to 15th, 2017. The meeting is under the authorization of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) and the Montenegro Chess Federation (MCF).

20 April 2017 Press Release Manila FIDE Trainers' Seminar 2017

18 April 2017 Cooperation with ChessBase
The FIDE Trainer’ Commission is continuing the offers form various publishers to the certified FIDE Trainers. Here is a free offer from ChessBase, regarding ChessBase Magazine 177 and other general offers.

7.4.2017 Chess training flyer

22.3.2017 TRG new titles
1 2 3 4

24.3.2017 In Memoriam - Dr Nikolay Minev

3.3.2017 Approved FIDE trainers TRG titles

27.2.2017 FIDE Trainers’ Commission (TRG) FIDE Trainers’ Seminar, Internet - Hamburg, 3.3-5.3.2017
By today a number of trainers-to-be certified have been registered to the coming FIDE-TRG-ChessBase Internet Seminar (3-5.03.2017). They are coming from all over the world: Argentina, China, England, Germany, Hungary, India, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Peru, Romania, Russia and United States of America. FIDE-TRG and ChessBase has gathered to offer top quality and connect the chess world! There are still a few empty spots available.
Prospectus: FTS-HAB-17
ID-card: FTS-HAB-17

21.2.2017 The Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis (CCSCSL), in cooperation with the Kasparov Chess Foundation (KCF), U.S. Chess Federation, World Chess Federation (FIDE) and FIDE Trainers’ Commission are proud to announce the Match of the Millennials.
USA vs. World - Announcement
USA vs. World - Regulations

3.2.2017 FIDE Trainers’ Commission (TRG) FIDE Trainers’ Seminar, Internet - Hamburg, 3.3-5.3.2017
FIDE-Trainer werden per Internet-Seminar
FIDE Training on Playchess

24.1.2017 FIDE Trainers’ Commission (TRG) FIDE Trainer Awards 2016
Information - Regulations

16.1.2017 FIDE Trainers' Commission (TRG) stats

17 February 2017:
In Memoriam: Anatoly Machulsky
In London, at age 61 only, died after a long battle with cancer IGM Anatoly Machulsky. He was a prominent Ukrainian-Russian businessman, who was a great chess mecena. He sponsored a few strong International Seniors tournaments in USA and England, and many chess books. He was born in one of the Ukrainian Chess centers in Kharkov, and was Ukrainian and Soviet Junior Chess Champion a few times. He was an educated chess trainer. All his friends – grandmasters, are mourning his departure. We all sent condolences to his family.
FIDE Trainers' Commission

FIDE Chess Profile

World Chess Olympiad through the eyes of Captains
Vladimir Grabinsky
Andrei Maksimenko

26 September 2016:
In Memoriam:
RIP Mark Dvoretsky (1947-2016)
FIDE Trainers’ Commission expresses sincere condolences to Mark Dvoretsky’s family, the Russian Chess Federation, and the global chess community on our loss.
RIP Mark Dvoretsky (1947-2016)

19 September 2016:
In September the Alekhine Chess Academy in Chaves (a Roman city in the north of Portugal) will work online for the young chess talents of Portugal. The project is planned to continue with other Portuguese speaking countries: Angola, Mozambique, Brazil, Cape Verde, and Guinea-Bissau. Trainer is former Ukrainian trainer Roman Chemerys, who worked a lot in Angola. He is using all important methods from the Soviet Chess School.
Academia Alekhine Estoril

2 June 2016:
The FIDE Trainers’ Commission (TRG) is pleased to announce the eighth FIDE Trainer Awards Results for 2015.

7 January 2016
TRG Chairman's letter to all FIDE trainers

1 February 2016
FIDE Trainers' Commission (TRG) Annual Meeting
TRG is announcing its annual meeting to be held in Lviv, Ukraine, March 5th to 8th, 2016. The meeting is under the authorization of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) and the Ukrainian Chess Federation (UCF).

1 Dec 2015
FIDE Trainers' Awards 2015
The FIDE Trainers’ Commission (TRG) is pleased to announce the eighth FIDE Trainer Awards and will continue by
honouring the achievements of our most successful colleagues of 2015.

24 Nov 2015

The FIDE Trainers’ Commission greets Mr Kirsan Ilyumzhinov on his 20 years service as FIDE President!
TRG greetings
20th anniversary of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov's Presidency in FIDE

29 July 2015

On behalf of the FIDE Trainers' Commission I express our deepest condolences to Efstratios Grivas and his family on the departure of his mother at age 79. May she rest in peace.
Adrian Mikhalchishin

5 June 2015
The FIDE Trainers’ Commission (TRG) is pleased to announce the seventh FIDE Trainer Awards Results for 2014.
FIDE Trainer Awards 2014 - RESULTS

30 April 2015 Adrian Mikhachishin's "Chess lessons of the past and present".

7 April 2015
International Summer Chess Training Camps 2015 (announcement)

20 January 2015: Chess trainer-promoter offer

To all who are interested.

Mikhail Gurevich - ex-trainer, assistant of Kasparov and Anand, looking for job opportunites.
Lives in Brussels, Belgium since 1991 up to date, creator of the Turkish Chess School, trainer of Bart Michiels and Dariusz Swiercz in recent years.

For more detailed information you may trust the following site:

Do not hesitate to contact me for any further questions.

Gurewitsch michail 20081120 olympiade dresden.jpg
Mikhail Gurevich
International Grand Master, FIDE Senior Trainer
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


5 January 2015: Attention: FIDE Affiliated Federations - Subject: Trainers Titles’ Licence Fees (pdf)

15 November 2014:

TRG is announcing its annual meeting to be held in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, January 28-31, 2015.
The meeting is under the authorization of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) and the
United Arab Emirates Chess Federation (UAECF).

Sharjah Club 1st Teams Rapid Championship 2015

24 October 2014:

TRG Seminars

By January 2015, TRG will have already conducted 150 seminars all over the five Continents and 74 countries/federations.
These are:

Algeria, Angola, Armenia, Australia, Bahamas, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon, China, Colombia, Comoros Islands,
Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Estonia, Ethiopia, Fiji, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Greece,
Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Laos, Latvia, Libya, Lithuania, Madagascar, Malawi,
Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Montenegro, Myanmar, New Zealand, Nepal, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Palau, Paraguay,
Peru, Philippines, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, South Africa,
South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates,
United States of America, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

Of course, there is long way to go, as the FIDE affiliated federations are 181, but it has to be noted that TRG is a quite young
FIDE Commission, counting just 10 years of existence.

We are inviting federations to contact TRG and co-organize a useful and educational seminar for trainers. And we are planning a
special gift for seminar 150 – anything can change in the coming months!



15 November 2014:

TRG is announcing its annual meeting to be held in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, January 28-31, 2015.
The meeting is under the authorization of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) and the
United Arab Emirates Chess Federation (UAECF).


22 May 2014
: FIDE Trainers’ Commission FIDE Trainers' Awards 2013
Announcement, Regulations, and Nominees

6 May 2014:
FIDE Trainers' Commission Annual Meeting 2014
"TRG is announcing its annual meeting to be held in Barcelona, Spain, May 15-18, 2014. The meeting is under the authorization of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) and the Spanish Chess Federation (FEDA)."

1 April 2014
Pleasefamiliarise yourselves with the new FIDE - TRG Regulations and All Seminar Guide (approved by FIDE PB - Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia 2014):

18 October 2013
: FIDE - TRG Regulations(approved by FIDE GA - Tallinn, Estonia 2013)

11 October 2013
: Meetings and Activities of FIDE TRG Chairman GM & FST Adrian Mikhalchishin

2 July 2013:
Germany accepted the FIDE Training System!
FIDE Trainers' Titles officially approved in Germany!

24 June 2013
: The FIDE Trainers’ Commission (TRG) proudly announces completing one hundred FIDE Trainers’ Seminars for FIDE Trainers’ Titles (2004-2013)!

10 May 2013:
Slovenia accepted the FIDE Training System!
FIDE Trainers' Titles officially approved in Slovenia!

22 April 2013:
FIDE Trainers' Commission Annual Meeting 2013
"TRG is announcing its annual meeting to be held in Washington DC, August 9-11, 2013. The meeting is under the authorization of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) and the United States Chess Federation (USCF)."

16 April 2013
: TRG's publications

4 February 2013

Chess Instructors for Cruise Ships

Cruise Letter
Cruise Info
Cruise Interview Prep Manual 2013


16 November 2012

Trainers Books 2012

TRG publishes the list of books for licenced trainers, which have been posted by mail to all their respective FIDE Chess Federations in 2012. Please check the delivery details and you may inform us if you haven't received your TRG books. Also, please keep in mind that TRG (FIDE office) sent to all trainers (licenced or not) via their Chess Federations their FIDE Diplomas, Pins and Badges. Please, check as well.

TRG Books Postage Lists


2 September 2012

FIDE Trainers' Commission Meeting (Istanbul 2012)

Trainers’ Commission assembled for a meeting on the September, 2 in the morning in the Hotel Polat Renaissance. 25 famous trainers attended the meeting, among them FIDE General Secretary Ignatius Leong, and Secretary of the Commission for Women’s Chess Susan Polgar.

Chairman of Trainers’ Commission GM Adrian Mihalčišin reported about the Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk. Since the abovementioned event there were conducted 30 trainers’ seminars, even in such remote places, as Nigeria and Tajikistan, where FIDE trainers were welcomed very cordially.

As Mihalčišin mentioned, one the most important topics on the agenda is the development of the chess among disabled people. Trainers’ Commission is planning to launch series of seminars for disabled chess players, e.g. the first such seminar will be start in FIDE Trainer Academy in Berlin.

Chairman suggested establishing contacts with European Union deputies in order to involve their help in funding for various activities among disabled chess players.

On behalf of all Trainers’ Commission Chairman expressed his gratitude to all sponsors and supporters: FIDE, ARISF, ECU and National Chess Federations, Asian and African continental Chess Federations’ presidents and TRG lecturers.

Trainers’ licenses which had to become obligatory from 01/01/2012 were postponed for two years.

Trainers’ Commission plans to intensify trainers’ education by the introduction of educational seminars. At the moment practically all trainers joined FIDE trainers’ system. TRG has a practice of recommending its top-trainers for different National Chess Federations at their requests. Mihalčišin also mentioned about one unpleasant case, when TRG sent Mališauskas to Libiya, but after three months the war has started there.

TRG continues to publish books with the most important articles on middle games and endgames by top FIDE trainers. This useful material is available on TRG web site as well. Chairman emphasized the necessity of improvement of cooperation with different FIDE commissions. TRG is very satisfied with collaboration with Chess in Schools Commission, Development Commission and Commission for Women’s Chess.

Together with Chess in Schools Commission TRG publishes syllabus for trainers of the first level (beginners). TRG still cooperates with other commissions where their experience and expertise can be very valuable. TRG still awaits accepting and approving their proposals about such simple issues as the role of reserve player, logical parings in Swiss system tournaments and age of veterans. TRG emphasized that it’s necessary to improve the supervision of health condition of players during competitions. This question has to be discussed with Medical Commission.

Future TRG plans:
• publishing more useful books for trainers as program of their publishing was promised by FIDE President personally;
• discussing and amending the rights and obligations of team captains during the FIDE competitions;
• elaborate Africa program, which is ready to be launched after financial possibilities for it are found;

TRG should be very careful with the profile of the trainer’s, who work with kids, as some of these trainers have lack of pedagogical education. There are even some unpleasant cases of alcohol abuse, and unacceptable behavior during Youth competitions.

Mihalčišin believes that it’s necessary to create a specialized agency in FIDE for promotion of chess worldwide. For example, for development of women’s chess it may be possible to contact different fashion and cosmetic companies, women magazines. TRG believes that logo “Beautiful & clever” can be sold easily. This promotional agency should work seriously with world and national press.

On this subject Jesper Hall from Sweden remarked that first of all for such activity TRG needs to demonstrate to such companies the advantages and the attractiveness of chess. He himself prepared materials from Swedish and international researches for Swedish sponsors and suggested that such researches should be also conducted by Trainer’s Commission.

Regarding Chess Academies issue: TRG is ready to bring to life an ambitious plan of creating 500 academies worldwide. General Secretary Ignatius Leong explained and discussed the regulations for new-founded academies.

Different suggestions were made about the fees. General Secretary proposed to increase the registration fee for the academies and to decrease fees for individual trainers for participation in academies’ seminars.


29 February 2012

FIDE Summer Training Camp Rogaska Slatina (Slovenia) June/July 2012

The FIDE Trainers’ Commission is pleased to invite young players from all World Chess Federations to participate at the Chess Camp with famous and World’s best trainers, from 22nd June to 19th July 2012, hosted at Slovenia’s premier spa, the legendary Rogaska Slatina. Provided with our modest funds, we will endeavour to turn these training camps into a high-ranking social as well as sports event.

Official website


1 June 2012

10th Anniversary of the Kasparov Chess Foundation (link)

"In the ten years of operation, we've made it possible for thousands of school students to learn the game of chess throughout the country as a direct result of our in-school programs and competitive regional and national tournaments. These students will continue to be shaped by the many social and educational benefits of chess long after they exit the school system, and for this, there is much to celebrate."


2 January 2012

Trainers Wanted:

FIDE-endorsed Asean Chess Academy is seeking experienced trainers who speak fluent English to train in east Asia.

The trainers will be assigned to various Asian territories for a term contract of one year. Trainers will be provided a return air ticket, housing and medical insurance coverage. They are expected to train 6 days a week and may not be granted leave to participate in any chess competitions.

Interested applicants should write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it giving full details and expected conditions.


In Memoriam:

10 May 2018:

In Memoriam: Evgeni Andreyevich Vasiukov
Great player and trainer Grand Master Evgeni Vasiukov has passed away at age 85. Vasiukov was President of the Russian Chess Federation Veterans Commission and remained an active player into his final months.
FIDE Chess Profile

6 June 2016:
In Memoriam: Viktor Korchnoi
Contribution by Efstratios Grivas 1 2 3 4

27 April 2016
Grand Master Viktor Gavrikov has passed away. Honoured Trainer of Georgia. He was, among other, trainer of Nana Alexandria.
FIDE profile

18 January 2016
Eduard Mnatsakanian, International Master and trainer of Vaganian and Arshak Petrosian, has passed away at age 78.
FIDE Profile

19 August 2014

Yuri Simkin, member of the Chess Hall of Fame, respected chess trainer and author, founder of Trainers faculties in Lviv and Kiev Physical Culture University, has passed away at age 82.

15 June 2014

Grandmaster and Honoured Master of Sports in the Republic of Tatarstan Andrei Kharlov passed away at age 46. He was second to Garry Kasparov in his match vs Vladimir Kramnik.
FIDE Chess Profile

22 May 2014

Celebrated Yugoslavian and Serbian Grand Master and famous chess trainer Dragoljub Velimirovic has passed away.
Serbia Chess Federation
Wikipedia (En)
Wikipedia (Sr)
Шаховски клуб БАСК
Dragoljub Velimirović, 1942-2014
Requiem for a Romantic
Obituary: Dragoljub Velimirovic (1942-2014)

7 May 2014

Dear Chess Friends and Mrs. Modr,

In the name of FIDE Trainers Commission and my own name please accept condolonces to the death of great chess educator and editor Mr. Bretislav Modr.
He did for chess much more than many top players together.
Rest in Peace, dear Bretislav.
Adrian Mikhalchishin

11 Jan 2014

Grand Master Vugar Gashimov has passed away.
Pupil of great trainers Tseshkovsky and Beliavsky. One of the most talented chess players of the 21st century! An illness stopped him from becoming one of the best chess players in the world. We all pay tribute to his talent, achievements, and his courageous fight with a terrible illness. We express our deepest condolences to his family and the Azerbaijan Chess Federation.
FIDE profile

19 Oct 2013


FIDE Senior Trainer and International Master Vladimir Eljanov (Ukraine), father of GM Pavel Eljanov, and famous publisher, passed away at age 63.
Ukraine Chess Federation
Chess News

2 Feb 2013

Famous Chess Trainer IM Boris Katalymov from Kazakhstan died at age 81. He was 8x Kazakhstan Chess Champion, and Trainer of GM Evgeny Vladimirov and the Mali National Team 1980-1985. Pupil of the Lvov Chess School and celebrated Trainer Aleksei Sokolsky, close friend of legendary Leonid Stein. In 1995 he won the Silver medal in the FIDE World Senior Chess Championship. Boris Katalymov was a player of an original attacking style, and inventor of many unusual opening lines.
Farewell to an epoch. The oldest Kazakh master passes away.


Celebrated Chess Trainer IM Georgy Borisenko died today at age 91. Georgy was the trainer of Nona Gaprindashvili.


Woman Grand Master and FIDE Instructor Elena Donaldson Akhmilovskaya died in Seattle after a nine-month battle with cancer on November 18, 2012. Born on March 11, 1957 in St Petersburg, Elena was a three-time US Women's chess champion (1994, 1990 and co-champ in 1993) and Women's World Championship candidate. After winning the Candidates tournament Elena played a match against Maia Chiburdanidze for the Women's World Championship in 1986. She lost the match 8.5-5.5. Elena eloped to the United States with IM John Donaldson at the 1988 Chess Olympiad in Thessaloniki, Greece. She later remarried to IM Georgi Orlov, who survives her along with her two children. Elena was working with children for the last decade.


GM Yuri Razuvaev (10.10.1945-21.03.2012).
Our legendary Honorary Chairman died... Sad news came from Moscow… For the last four years he continued a hard fight against the terrible illness, but finally he resigned... He is survived by his wife Natasha and his son Alexander, a famous economist.
TRG Obituary
Alexandra Kosteniuk


Grand Master Vitaly Valerianovich Tseshkovsky has passed away at age 67. He won the Soviet Chess Championship in 1978. In 1986 he was a member of the USSR Team which won the World Chess Olympiad. He was trainer of World Champion Vladimir Kramnik 1990-1994 and European Champion 2002 Bartolomej Maciea.


Grand Master Konstantin Lerner has passed away. Konstantin Lerner was born in 1950 in Odessa, Ukraine. He played in several USSR championships, finishing second in Lvov in 1984. GM Lerner trained Anatoly Karpov. The TRG expresses deepest condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of GM Konstantin lerner.



Orest Averkin
, the famous Russian trainer, second of Boris Spassky for his preparation against World Championship match with Bobby Fischer, has passed away.
Биография, рассказанная семьей

2010.10.05 Jānis Klovāns (link)

Happy Anniversary!

2010.07.26 IM Zdenko Krnic (1947-2010)


The TRG expresses deepest condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of the Chess Informant for their great loss.

2010.01.13 IM/FT Bagonyai Atilla


1 Algeria
2 Angola
3 Botswana
4 Burundi
5 Cameroon
6 Central African Republic
7 Comoros Islands
8 Congo
9 Egypt
10 Ethiopia
11 Gabon
12 Gambia
13 Ghana
14 Ivory Coast
15 Kenya
16 Lesotho
17 Libya
18 Madagascar
19 Malawi
20 Mali
21 Mauritania
22 Mauritius
23 Morocco
24 Mozambique
25 Namibia
26 Nigeria
27 Rwanda
28 Sao Tome and Principe
29 Senegal
30 Seychelles
31 Sierra Leone
32 Somalia
33 South Africa
34 Sudan
35 Swaziland
36 Togo
37 Tunisia
38 Uganda
39 Zambia
40 Zimbabwe
41 Afghanistan
42 Australia
43 Bahrain
44 Bangladesh
45 Bhutan
46 Brunei Darussalam
47 Cambodia
48 China
49 Chinese Taipei
50 Fiji
51 Guam
52 Hong Kong
53 India
54 Indonesia
55 Iran
56 Iraq
57 Japan
58 Jordan
59 Kazakhstan
60 Kuwait
61 Kyrgyzstan
62 Laos
63 Lebanon
64 Macau
65 Malaysia
66 Maldives
67 Mongolia
68 Myanmar
69 Nepal
70 New Zealand
71 Pakistan
72 Palau
73 Palestine
74 Papua New Guinea
75 Philippines
76 Qatar
77 Singapore
78 Solomon Islands
79 South Korea
80 Sri Lanka
81 Syria
82 Tajikistan
83 Thailand
84 Turkmenistan
85 United Arab Emirates
86 Uzbekistan
87 Vietnam
88 Yemen
89 Albania
90 Andorra
91 Armenia
92 Austria
93 Azerbaijan
94 Belarus
95 Belgium
96 Bosnia & Herzegovina
97 Bulgaria
98 Croatia
99 Cyprus
100 Czech Republic
101 Denmark
102 England
103 Estonia
104 Faroe Islands
105 Finland
106 Former YUG Rep of Macedonia
107 France
108 Georgia
109 Germany
110 Greece
111 Guernsey
112 Hungary
113 Iceland
114 Ireland
115 Israel
116 Italy
117 Jersey
118 Latvia
119 Liechtenstein
120 Lithuania
121 Luxembourg
122 Malta
123 Moldova
124 Monaco
125 Montenegro
126 Netherlands
127 Norway
128 Poland
129 Portugal
130 Romania
131 Russia
132 San Marino
133 Scotland
134 Serbia
135 Slovakia
136 Slovenia
137 Spain
138 Sweden
139 Switzerland
140 Turkey
141 Ukraine
142 Wales
143 Argentina
144 Aruba
145 Bahamas
146 Barbados
147 Belize
148 Bermuda
149 Bolivia
150 Brazil
151 British Virgin Islands
152 Canada
153 Chile
154 Colombia
155 Costa Rica
156 Cuba
157 Dominican Republic
158 Ecuador
159 El Salvador
160 Guatemala
161 Guyana
162 Haiti
163 Honduras
164 Jamaica
165 Mexico
166 Netherlands Antilles
167 Nicaragua
168 Panama
169 Paraguay
170 Peru
171 Puerto Rico
172 Suriname
173 Trinidad & Tobago
174 United States of America
175 Uruguay
176 US Virgin Islands
177 Venezuela
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