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FIDE Trainers' Commission Trainers' Surveys

Initiated in January 2010, the FIDE Trainers' Commission announced publishing high-quality chess training materials (in English language) in the form of Trainers' Surveys, targeted at improved understanding of chess. All in downloadable/viewable pdf format.

FIDE TRG Trainers' Surveys 2014:

2014.01.31 Efstratios Grivas: Fear of the Knight pdf
2014.01.31 Reynaldo Vera: The endgames of Carlsen: The King imprisoned pdf
2014.02.28 Adrian Mikhalchishin: Opening bluff pdf
2014.02.28 Alonso Zapata: Paralysis pdf
2014.04.01 Georg Mohr: Outpost pdf
2014.04.01 Michael Khodarkovsky: Middle game with c3-d4 pawns pdf
2014.04.26 Vereslav Eingorn: The positional piece sacrifice as a technical reception pdf
2014.04.26 Jacob Aagaard: A Short Cut to Experience pdf
2014.06.01 Jeroen Bosch: Pawn Chain and Kingside Attack pdf
2014.06.01 Alexander Beliavsky: Bodycheck pdf
2014.06.29 Susan Polgar: The Game Is Not Over Until It Is Over pdf
2014.06.29 Spyridon Skembris: Defending Inferior Endgames pdf
2014.08.01 Andrew Martin: Game analysis pdf
2014.08.01 Boris Avrukh: Exchange sacrifice pdf
2014.09.01 Jovan Petronic: King+Rook+pawn vs King+Bishop pdf
2014.09.01 Karsten Müller: Endings with Rook against Bishop and Knight pdf
2014.09.28 Adrian Mikhalchishin: Benoni - Typical attacks pdf
2014.09.28 Dejan Bojkov: Know-how in the Pawn endgames pdf
2014.10.09 Sam Palatnik: Stereotype of thinking pdf
2014.10.09 Miguel Illescas: A slow sacrifice? Think twice! pdf



FIDE TRG Trainers' Surveys 2013:

2013.01.15 Efstratios Grivas: FIDE World Junior Championship U20 2012 pdf
2013.01.30 Alonso Zapata: Useless Pieces pdf
2013.02.18 Reynaldo Vera: The Colour Weakness pdf
2013.02.18 Adrian Mikhalchishin: Rook and pawn against Queen pdf
2013.03.09 Mihail Marin: Small paradoxes of the blocked French positions pdf
2013.04.01 Georg Mohr: Bobby Fischer and the square d5 pdf
2013.04.12 Jacob Aagaard: Intuition - Three Building Blocks pdf
2013.04.28 Vereslav Eingorn: Rook vs Bishop pdf
2013.05.21 Jeroen Bosch: Training and Solitaire Chess pdf
2013.05.22 Karsten Müller: Endgames with Rook and minor piece against Rook and minor piece pdf
2013.06.27 Boris Avrukh: Prophylactical Thinking pdf
2013.07.02 Uwe Boensch: The system of trainer education in the German Chess Federation pdf
2013.07.21 Efstratios Grivas: A Trainer's Workshop pdf
2013.07.21 Susan Polgar: Watch the Queen pdf
2013.08.31 Andrew Martin: Modern games pdf
2013.08.31 Jovan Petronic: Expect the Unexpected pdf
2013.09.23 Sam Palatnik: Loud song about a “Pair of Elephants” pdf
2013.09.23 Dejan Bojkov: What Rooks Want pdf
2013.10.18 Miguel Illescas: Modern opening preparation pdf
2013.10.18 Victor Bologan: The psychology of the decisive mistake pdf
2013.11.26 Georg Mohr: Strategic prevention pdf
2013.11.26 Goran Dizdar: Building up the endgame advantage on a piece activity pdf
2013.12.31 Michael Khodarkovsky: Sicilian Capricio pdf
2013.12.31 Alexander Beliavsky: Beating the Grand Master in 20 moves pdf


FIDE TRG Trainers' Surveys 2012

2012.01.11 Efstratios Grivas: The King Out of the Way pdf
2012.01.11 Efstratios Grivas: The Weak Passed C-pawn
2012.03.02 Adrian Mikhalchishin: Destroying the Opponent's Centre pdf
2012.03.04 Adrian Mikhalchishin: Great Gurus of the Endgame pdf
2012.03.30 Georg Mohr: Methods & Principles of Defence pdf
2012.03.30 Georg Mohr: Capablanca and the Endgames pdf
2012.05.01 Viacheslav Eingorn: Non-Standard Positional Play pdf
2012.05.01 Viacheslav Eingorn: R+p vs B+p pdf
2012.06.01 Jeroen Bosch: The Open File pdf
2012.06.01 Jeroen Bosch: Passed pawn pdf
2012.06.30 Andrew Martin: A Tough Session pdf
2012.06.30 Andrew Martin: The Critical Moment pdf
2012.08.01 Susan Polgar: When is it OK to play g4? pdf
2012.08.01 Susan Polgar: Is there luck in chess? pdf
2012.08.31 Uwe Bönsch: The Queen's Gambit pdf
2012.08.31 Uwe Bönsch: The recognition, fostering and development of chess talent in Germany pdf
2012.09.30 Semon Palatnik: Advantage of Two Bishops pdf
2012.09.30 Semon Palatnik: Attack is a Risky Business pdf
2012.11.01 Miguel Illescas: Damiano's Mate pdf
2012.11.01 Miguel Illescas: Lolli's Mate pdf
2012.11.29 Jovan Petronic: Rook Endgames pdf
2012.11.29 Jovan Petronic: 2012 FIDE World Youth Chess Champions in Action pdf
2012.12.30 Alexander Beliavsky: Two endgames with same colour Bishops pdf
2012.12.30 Alexander Beliavsky: Four memorable endgames Knight vs Bishop pdf


FIDE Trainers' Commission Chess Yearbook 2011

(booklet) © 2011, 2012 FIDE


2011.01.20 Efstratios Grivas: WTC pdf
2011.01.20 Efstratios Grivas: Pawns on the Same Rank pdf
2011.03.01 Adrian Mikhalchishin: Break pdf
2011.03.01 Adrian Mikhalchishin: Problems of Middlegame Planning pdf
2011.03.14 Alexey Kuzmin: Training of Calculation I pdf
2011.03.14 Alexey Kuzmin: Training of Calculation II pdf
2011.04.29 Georg Mohr: The Maroczy Pawn Structure pdf
2011.04.29 Georg Mohr: An Isolated Pawn in the Endgame pdf
2011.05.16 Jeroen Bosch: Queen Power or Power of the Masses pdf
2011.05.16 Jeroen Bosch: Rook & Pawn vs Two Minor Pieces pdf
2011.06.30 Uwe Bönsch: Finding Moves pdf
2011.06.30 Uwe Bönsch: A Very Special Ending pdf
2011.07.31 Susan Polgar: Calculate Deeper pdf
2011.07.31 Susan Polgar: Zwischenzug pdf
2011.08.28 Andrew Martin: Basic Defence pdf
2011.08.28 Andrew Martin: Meaningless Moves pdf
2011.10.04 Adrian Mikhalchishin: Legendary Endings pdf
2011.10.04 Efstratios Grivas: Blocking the f6-Square pdf
2011.10.31 Miguel Illescas: Fool's Mate pdf
2011.10.31 Miguel Illescas: Lucena's mate pdf
2011.11.30 Jovan Petronic: The King Checkmate pdf
2011.11.30 Jovan Petronic: Drawing in Style pdf
2011.12.00 Alexander Beliavsky: Winning and Defending Technique in the Queen Ending with an Extra Pawn
2011.12.00 Alexander Beliavsky: Queens with Opposite Coloured Bishops pdf


FIDE Trainers' Commission Chess Yearbook 2010

(pdf) (booklet) © 2010, 2011 FIDE

FIDE Trainers' Commission Chess Yearbook 2010

2010.01.30 Efstratios Grivas: A King's Golden Cage pdf
2010.01.30 Efstratios Grivas: The Useless Isolani pdf
2010.03.01 Adrian Mikhalchishin: Bobby and the Hedgehogs pdf
2010.03.01 Adrian Mikhalchishin: Prokesh Trick pdf
2010.03.31 Georg Mohr: The Attack with the Opposite-Coloured Bishops pdf
2010.03.31 Georg Mohr: The Principle of the Second Weakness pdf
2010.04.28 Jeroen Bosch: Euwe's Long Moves pdf
2010.04.28 Jeroen Bosch: Queen Endings - General Principles pdf
2010.05.31 Alexander Beliavsky: Flank Attack pdf
2010.05.31 Alexander Beliavsky: A Practical Ending pdf
2010.07.03 Georg Mohr: Learning From the Old Masters pdf
2010.07.03 Adrian Mikhalchishin: Simple Tragedies pdf
2010.08.01 Artur Jussupow: Lessons from the Champions pdf
2010.08.01 Artur Jussupow: Problems of Calculations pdf
2010.09.01 Andrew Martin: A Full Day of Chess pdf
2010.09.01 Andrew Martin: Ways of Presenting a Game pdf
2010.09.29 Efstratios Grivas: Middlegame Analysis pdf
2010.09.29 Efstratios Grivas: Endgame Analysis pdf
2010.10.22 Miguel Illescas: Practical Endgames pdf
2010.10.22 Miguel Illescas: A Very Bad Game pdf
2010.11.25 Jovan Petronic: Queenless King Hunt pdf
2010.11.26 Jovan Petronic: Heterogeneous Endgames pdf
2010.12.29 Uwe Boensch: Methods of Tactical Training pdf
2010.12.29 Uwe Boensch: Central Pawn Structure - The Karlsbad Pawn Structure pdf

All surveys have been edited by TRG Editors members.

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