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Results of the FIDE Trainer Seminar in Weifang

Report by Peter Long and Xie Jun

In conjunction with a wonderfully organised World Cadets Championship held in Weifang, China, a FIDE Trainer Seminar was organised.

This was a special seminar for local coaches held in the Chinese language (Mandarin) and fulfilled by China’s first World Champion, FST and GM Xie Jun, now currently a Vice President cum Professor of a University in Beijing.

“As all students attending to the FIDE Trainer Seminar are experienced chess coaches from different cities of China,I did some special preparation before the seminar started. According to the requests from students and organiser of this seminar, the course contents was arranged as following :

1.Cultivating chess players of different levels

2.Focusing on old-time chess openings

3.Pursuing excellency through practice — routine assignments and development of the sense of chess

4.Exploring the beauty of games — appreciation and analysis of latest matches

5.Revealing the wonders of classics — grasping the essense of chess games

6.Teaching students to show their best in chess competitions

7.Fostering a fighting spirit in students

It was a nice teaching experience with my co-worker Peter Long from Malaysia,High efficiency work and a lot of information and ideas had been shared. All students enjoyed the time too.

Xie Jun”

We had an amazing turnout of 60 participants, but as we all know, everything done by China is on a grand scale! Personally, I, Peter Long, must thank the organisers for the wonderful hospitality.

The seminar saw a wide range of participants, with two GMs including World Champion Tan Zhongyi, many province level coaches fueling grassroots development, and also several founder-owners of chess schools with students in the thousands!

Results Table

No.FIDE IDSurname, NameCountryTitle Proposed
18604940徐英伦Yinglun XuChinaFT
28601577于明远Mingyuan YuChinaFT
38601763胡  艺 Yi HuChinaFT
48602794潘  倩Qian PanChinaFT
58603642谭中怡Zhongyi TanChinaFT
68605750鲍麒麟 Qilin BaoChinaFT
78604789刘泓言 Hongyan LiuChinaFI
88604150孙方卉 Fanghui SunChinaFI
98618402蔡超若Chaoruo CaiChinaFI
108615160王寅龙Yinlong WangChinaFI
118603235张  璇Xuan ZhangChinaFI
128609390糜  谦Qian MiChinaFI
138611092邵文彬Wenbin ShaoChinaFI
148607451程子乐Zile ChengChinaFI
158607095蒋丹怡Danyi JiangChinaFI
168631018熊丽娟Lijuan XiongChinaFI
178602549何  川Chuan HeChinaFI
188607966王煜坤Yukun WangChinaFI
198603987薛  月Yue XueChinaFI
208602905周桂珏Guijue ZhouChinaFI
218611122吴  漾 Yang WuChinaFI
228608555于超杰Chaojie YuChinaFI
238636257周辰璐Chenlu ZhouChinaFI
248636435李逸心Yixin LiChinaFI
258631565光雪强Xueqiang GuangChinaFI
268636184闫  萍 Ping YanChinaFI
278636249梁  栋Dong LiangChinaFI
288609179徐铭蔚 Mingwei XuChinaFI
298611777王洪志 Hongzhi WangChinaFI
308611661光雪亮Xueliang GuangChinaFI
318616990林兆辰 Zhaochen LinChinaNI
328636370杨  浩 Hao YangChinaNI
338610258陈奕如 Yiru ChenChinaNI
348636354孙秋社Qiushe SunChinaNI
358625727任智聪 ZhiCong RenChinaNI
368636281王海霞Haixia WangChinaNI
378636389李  博Bo LiChinaNI
388636338李万伟Wanwei LiChinaNI
398636214孙文婷 Wenting SunChinaNI
408601372祁  超Chao QiChinaNI
418636362林振南Zhennan LinChinaNI
428636273曹蓓蓓 BeiBei CaoChinaNI
438636290李万靖Wanjing LiChinaNI
448620318卡德力丁·阿力木江 Kadeliding,AlimujiangChinaNI
458636230陆  迪Di LuChinaNI
468636311董  文 Wen DongChinaNI
478636192李海平Haiping LiChinaNI
488607699胥  超Chao XuChinaNI
498636176祝尧尧 Yaoyao ZhuChinaNI
508636427张道勇 Daoyong ZhangChinaNI
518636222孙云嶂 Yunzhang SunChinaNI
528636419宋杰垚 JieYao SongChinaNI
538636265顾春林Chunlin GuChinaNI
548636303林靖凯Jingkai LinChinaNI
558636320张  成 Cheng ZhangChinaNI
568636346王亚璐Yalu WangChinaDI
578636443陆星宇 XingYu LuChinaDI
588636379殷  莺Ying YinChinaDI
598636206杨义君Yijun YangChinaDI
608636400施海缘Haiyuan ShiChinaDI