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Results of the FIDE Trainer Seminar in Casablanca

The first FIDE Trainer Seminar in Morocco was held from 25 to 27th August 2019 in the Mogador Hotel Center (Casablanca) on the sidelines of the Pan African Chess Championship. 

52 trainers from Morocco, one from Senegal, one from Mali, one from France and one from Mauritania participated in the seminar.

Lecturer leader, FST, GM, IO, and NA Slim Bouaziz (Tunisia) had done his best to make the participants enjoy the lecture and the was very pleased with the activities and  the examinations.

Taking in mind the chess level, trainers experience, the titles, the bibliography, the attendance and the exams, the participants were awarded 33 DI title and 23 NI titles.

I would say many thanks to the African Chess Confederation and Morocco Chess Federation which helped us in our work for the technical and organizational success of this seminar.

Results Table

No.FIDE IDSurname, NameCountryTitle Proposed
19003002Aattar, IkramMoroccoDI
39001220Adel, AbdelazizMoroccoNI
49000054Ait Hmidou, AbdellahMoroccoNI
59001158Akkour, AbderrahimMoroccoNI
69004904Anwar, TarikMoroccoDI
7392080834Bakani, MustaphaFIDEDI
89013296Bamafi, HamidMoroccoDI
926039990BenJelloun, YounessFranceNI
109001719Bennasser, MoanisseMoroccoDI
119006095Bismillah, NezhaMoroccoDI
129011579Chouki, FouadMoroccoDI
139001875Chahboun, MostafaMoroccoNI
1419900171Cisse, IbrahimaSenegalNI
159002847El aadli,MustaphaMoroccoNI
179002502El bakali, KamalMoroccoNI
189002537Echajari, KhalidMoroccoNI
199002545El fezari, Mohamed amineMoroccoNI
209006222El habachi, RachidMoroccoNI
219007245El Haimer, MohamedMoroccoDI
229001956El kamous, AbderrahimMoroccoDI
249013164Erraji, AbdenbiMoroccoDI
259014900Ezzaidi, AhmedMoroccoNI
279015850Fellah, MohamedMoroccoDI
2819600844Ghailani, Mohamed SalemMauritaniaDI
299014934Houri, MohamedMoroccoDI
309015817Kabbach, BoujemaaMoroccoDI
3119800223Kadouno, DrissaMaliDI
329007261Kanas, HassanMoroccoDI
339005358Karkazi, AzizMoroccoNI
349002855Khamli, MustaphaMoroccoNI
359015841Laghmari, AzizMoroccoDI
369006818Lamtaouab, BrahimMoroccoDI
379003819Makhlouf, AliMoroccoNI
389005951Merzougui abdouh,HassanMoroccoNI
409012508Moukhliss, AbdelhakMoroccoDI
419002715Msiah, MustaphaMoroccoDI
429000739Naciri, ZouhairMoroccoNI
439001395Nafri, KhalilMoroccoNI
449001352Ouadif, KacemMoroccoDI
469014284Oujaa, Mohamed lahbibMoroccoNI
479015175Ramadan, MeryemMoroccoDI
489015094Ghizlane, RihanMoroccoDI
509005455Tabich, IssamMoroccoDI
519015825Taghda, LahcenMoroccoDI
529002936Thaili, JamalMoroccoDI
539015833Touktah, AhmedMoroccoDI
549015787Zerioul, MhammedMoroccoDI
559006958Zidane, ChakibMoroccoDI
569007296Yahyioui, AhmedMoroccoDI