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Results of the FIDE Online Seminar September 2019

The first ever FIDE Online Trainers Seminar conducted by TRG under the new regulations and held in cooperation with the ECU was a learning experience for all but also a success.

We especially thank the ECU for their support and promotion, all the lecturers – Adrian Mikhailchisin, Peter Heine Nielsen, Artur Yusupov, Ivan Sokolov, Alojzie Jankovic, Sagar Shah of Chessbase India, and Jacob Aagaard.

Our stated target audience were trainers 1900 and above but we have a wide spectrum of participation and beyond Europe including the Americas, Asia and Africa.

The participants showed a high level and generally did well in an exam that had both questions testing their learning as well as exercises designed to demonstrate teaching skills and FT candidates had an additional interview. 

Results Table

FIDE IDNameCountryProposed Title
4173708Rakhmanov, AleksandrRussiaFT
1400266Hansen, Sune BergDenmarkFT
1404210Skytte, RasmusDenmarkFT
921637Markus, RobertSerbiaFI
2100436De Toledo, James MannBrazilFI
14201526Muminova, NafisaUzbekistanFI
5804167Lee, Qing AunSingaporeFI
2078210Castro, TedUSAFI
3512240Navarro Rivas, RashidFIDENI
25837788Lagaras, StylianosGreeceNI
414654Arora, ManojEnglandNI
9002588Mqami, IbrahimMoroccoNI