Kick-off: FIDE Chessable Academy

Dear Participants,

We thank you again for your interest and support for this program that FIDE and Chessable are fully committed to.

We have gotten a lot of feedback and we do listen and have really tried our best to accommodate each as best we could, so please understand we too have constraints and it is impossible to give everyone all they want.

The following are our final changes to the groups, and accordingly, also the schedule and it is the best balance we can come up with to give the right training with the most appropriate timings:  
Download link:
We will also follow these days and timings for the program kick-off/orientation on 26 and 27 June.

The full class schedule when available in a week, links to resources, as well as all future announcements, will be posted on the top right side of the front page of our website, and the link, given in the menu as well, is:

As we informed earlier, there will be new trainers joining the existing from September.

Please do not ask us for more changes – I remind all again that we will provide recordings so no one is disadvantaged and this also applies when you inform us that you cannot attend when playing in tournaments.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Let us focus now to work together to have everyone become a better player and we wish each any everyone every success!

Peter Long
Organizing Secretary
Spotlight: +60133920920