Report and Results of the FIDE Trainer Seminar in Uppsala, Sweden from 14-16 October 2022

The FIDE Endorsed Academy “Uppsala Chess+ Academy”, together with the Jussupow Chess School, held a FIDE trainer seminar for the acquisition of FIDE trainer titles.

The lecturers, FIDE Senior Trainers Artur Jussupow and Jesper Bergmark Hall, held a 16-hour course in English at the Uppsala Chess Center. They shared their experiences and training methods with 16 participants from 3 countries (Sweden, Turkey and Italy).

Results Table

No.FIDE IDNameFedProposed Title
11747282Klar, GoranSWEDI
21726730Reimegard, EmilSWEDI
31734148Carlsson, GustavSWEDI
41738100Skahlberg Bjerknes-Lima de Faria, WargSWEDI
51747363Heijlmberg, NicholasSWENI
61723677Hamilton, OlovSWENI
71755625Uddbom, BengtSWENI
81767526Hagevi, VidarSWENI
9861162Formento, PaoloITAFI
106306810Kabadayi, CanTURFI
111704788Engfeldt, JanSWEFI
121711512Douhan, DavidSWEFI
131704540Marder, SimonSWEFI