Agreement on the Privacy Policy and Rules for Participation in a FIDE Trainer Online Seminar

These Rules determine the order of participation and rules for using information obtained at the FIDE Trainer Online Seminar (hereinafter referred to as” Seminar”) and apply to any person who has access to video and audio recordings of Seminars and/or printed materials. Please read the Rules carefully. If you participate in the Seminars and / or use audio-visual and other informational materials of the Seminars, you express your absolute consent to these Rules.

Concepts and terms

A seminar is an event that is held online in real time or on the record, at a unique web address. The Seminar is held by providing the User with the appropriate link.

A User is a participant of the Seminar who submitted the corresponding application and paid for participation.

The Organizer is one or more organizations that has committed itself to organizing and conducting the event. Organizer is the FIDE Trainers Commission (TRG) and/or FIDE affiliated organizations. Moderator is a responsible person appointed by the Organizer to provide technical support for the Seminar.

Lecturers are experts in various subjects related with chess who have been approved and appointed by the Organizer to conduct the Seminar.

The Examiner is a specialist who checks knowledge and skills after the Seminar.

Personal link/ Meeting ID — an alphanumeric code that allows the user to access the Internet resource where the Seminar is held.

1. Status of Rules

1.1. The User undertakes to familiarize himself with the Rules and accompanying documents that are sent to the User with the application form. and/or published on the TRG Website

1.2. Organizers have the right to make unilateral changes to the terms of the Rules and related documents at any time without notifying the User. Changes take effect from the moment the new version is published on the Site or sent to the User.

1.3. By participating in the Seminar after making changes and/or additions to the Rules, the User accepts and agrees to such changes and / or additions.

2. Procedure for participation in Seminars

2.1 To participate in the Seminar the User applies to the Organizer and pays for participation in the amount set by the Organizer.

2.2. By signing the application User confirms the User’s consent to processing by the Organizer in accordance with the applicable legislation of the country where the Seminar is held with and without automation of information and (or) personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, use, transfer, delivery, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of data with the purpose of fulfilling the Organizer of its obligations related to the Seminar, other obligations stipulated by the relationship of the parties.

The term for using the data provided by the User is unlimited. The User also gives his consent to the processing and use by the Organizer of the information and (or) personal data provided by him for the purpose of carrying out the mailing list (about the Organizer’s services) at the contact phone number and (or) contact email address specified by the User indefinitely until the Organizer receives a written and (or) electronic notification of refusal to receive mailings. The user also consents to the transfer of information and (or) personal data by the Organizer to third parties for the purposes of performing the actions provided for in this paragraph, if there is a properly concluded agreement between the Organizer and such third parties.

2.3. After payment of the Seminar on user-specified contact email address, no later than 1 (one) day before the broadcast of Seminar, User receives notification of the opportunity to participate in the Seminar, containing a personal link to access the Seminar.

2.4. The link to the Seminar is only valid for one User who received It.

2.5. The Organizer has the right to conduct the Seminar both in a live broadcast and by providing a recording.

Materials and recordings of Seminars will be provided during the seminar.

If the User is absent for a valid reason, to get access to the recordings and materials of the Seminar, they need to contact the Organizer who has absolute discretion to allow viewing of the same.

In the case of providing the recording sessions for a User shall be subject to all these Rules without exception.

2.6. Users do not have the right to record video of the Seminar.

2.7. The recordings and other materials of the Seminar are the intellectual property of the Organizer.

2.8. Cases of appropriation or illegal use of copyright objects are punished in accordance with the current legislation of the country where the Seminar is held.

2.9. At the end of the Seminar certification will be held. Certification of the User is carried out in order to determine whether the level and quality of training of the User meets the requirements for the results of mastering the educational program.

2.10. The general management of certification is carried out by an Examiner, which may also include lecturers of Seminars. Certification is conducted in the form of an exam.

2.11. Exams are held in written and oral form. To conduct a written exam, the Examiner sends the task and information about the completion time to the User’s specified email address. In the case of an oral exam, the Examiner and the User will be present one-on-one when using video conferencing.

3. The content of the Seminars

3.1. Any information reproduced by the Organizer/lecturer during the Seminars is subject to copyright and is protected in accordance with the current legislation of the countries where these Seminars are held, in the field of copyright protection.

3.2. Copying, reproducing, distributing and / or quoting audio-visual information of Seminars is allowed only with the written permission of the Organizer, subject to the following conditions:

  • the name of the author of the training method must be specified;
  • mandatory indication of the trademark of Organizer (FIDE).

3.3. In case of using fragments of Seminars that create a negative/incorrect image of the lecturer or expose him in an inappropriate way, the participants of such Seminar are liable in accordance with the current legislation.

Any violation of the above requirements will be considered in the framework of civil and criminal law, in accordance with the current legislation of the countries where the Seminar is held.

3.4. If you have any questions about using the author’s training methods and Seminar materials, please contact Organizer by e-mail:

4 Rights and obligations of the parties

4.1. Organizer has the right to:

  • moderate User comments, including deleting comments without the User’s consent and blocking the User who left a comment;
  • change the topic of the Seminar and/or the lecturer/list of lecturers for the Seminar without the User’s consent;
  • change the terms of participation in Seminars without obtaining the User’s consent;
  • send a notification to the User about the elimination of the violation in case of receiving information from third parties about the violation of their rights;
  • postpone or cancel the Seminar.

4.2. Organizer is obliged to:

  • inform the User registered for a specific Seminar about changes in the schedule of the Seminar and any other changes related to the Seminar via e-mail.

4.3. The User has the right to:

  • send to the Organizer suggestions for improving the organization of the Seminar;
  • request to delete personal data.

4.4. The User is obliged:

  • independently provide himself with technical opportunities to participate in the Seminar, including access to the Internet;
  • independently coordinate using of any content with its copyright holders;
  • check email for messages and provide feedback on messages that require a response.

4.5. The User is forbidden to:

  • provide access to Seminars to third parties for profit;
  • attempt to circumvent the technical restrictions set on the Site;
  • violate the terms of the Rules.

4.6. The Examiner  has the right to:

  • conduct an exam in accordance with the terms of the present Rules;
  • demand the serviceability of the examination equipment;
    • require compliance with the procedure for conducting the exam and cancel results of examinations of candidates who violated the order.

4.7. The Examiner is obliged to:

  • acquaint Users with exam rules;
    • monitor the discipline and rules during the exam;
    • ensure maximum objectivity and reliability of results exam;
    • maintain a high professional level.

5. Limitation of liability

5.1. Users are responsible for violation of these Rules, provided by the current legislation of the country where the Seminar is held.

5.2. The Organizer is not responsible for the inability of the User to participate in the Seminar, which occurred for reasons beyond the control of the Organizer.

5.3. The Organizer has the right, at its discretion, to determine the time, subject of the Seminar, duration of the Seminar, and cancel it by notifying Users to the specified contact email address without explaining the reasons.

5.4. If the Organizer has decided to postpone the Seminar to a different date and/or time, Users will receive a notification of the new date and / or time and a personal link to participate in the Seminar

5.5. The Organizer has the right to prevent Users who violate these Rules from participating in the Seminar.

5.6. The Organizer is not responsible for non-compliance of the content with the User’s expectations. The content of the Seminar is a private opinion of the lecturer.

5.7. The Organizer under no circumstances is responsible for the use of links sent to the User’s contact email address by third parties, as well as decisions made by Users or third parties based on information received at the Seminar.

6. A review of the claims. Refund of funds.

6.1. No refund will be made after the User has received access to participate in the Seminar/view the video recordings of the Seminar.

6.2. A refund is made if the User made a prepayment but did not receive a link to participate in the Seminar or access to view the video of the Seminar or the Seminar was canceled.

6.3. All complaints about the quality of Seminars (including claims that require a refund) must be sent by the User to the Organizer by sending a written claim to the Organizer’s address.

The claim review period is 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of receipt of the claim by the Organizer.

At the end of the above period the Organizer makes one of the following decisions:

• disagreement with the claim and refusal to satisfy the claims;

• agreement with the claim about satisfaction of the declared requirements. The Organizer notifies the User about the decision by sending a response to the address specified by the User in the claim.

6.4. The current privacy Policy and rules for participation in Seminars are available on the page at 

7. Final provision

7.1. The rules come into force from the moment of the application and are valid until the end of participation in the Seminar.

7.2. The rules do not require sealing and/or signing, while maintaining full legal force.

7.3. For all questions related to the Seminar, the User should contact only by email:

7.4. Everything else that is not provided for by the Rules, the Parties are guided by the legislation of the country where the Seminar is held.