Development Programs

This Time for Africa!

The African Chess Confederation (ACC), through the leadership of President Lewis Ncube, is organising, with the FIDE Trainers Commission, four FIDE Trainer Seminars for all countries in Africa in the four major international languages widely spoken.

First up is English Africa, to be held from 18-20 December 2020 where the co-ordinator is ACC Vice President Bernard Wanjala, also the President of Chess Kenya, and the lecturers are FIDE Senior Trainers and Grandmasters Yu Shaoteng, Ivan Sokolov, Thomas Luther, Dejan Bojkov and Melikset Khachiyan and Chess Technology Expert Nikolaos Ntirlis  

Full details are at FIDE Trainer Online Seminar in English, 18-20 December 2020 (EAT/UST+3) – FIDE Trainers’ Commission

This will be followed by French Africa and Portuguese Africa, both held 27-29 December 2020.

Lead lecturer for French Africa is the legendary FIDE Senior Trainer and Grandmaster Slim Bouaziz and all details for participation can be found at FIDE Trainer Seminar Online Seminar in French, 27-29 December 2020 (WAT/UST+1) – FIDE Trainers’ Commission

Portuguese Africa is being facilitated by the Portuguese Chess Federation and its President Dominic Cross, the lecturers are FIDE Trainers and International Masters Sergio Roca and Antonio Frois, with all details at FIDE Trainer Seminar in Portuguese, 27-29 December 2020 – FIDE Trainers’ Commission

The final seminar, Arabic Africa, will be held from 14-16 January 2021.