Invitation for Trainers for FIDE Online Olympiad 2021

Dear Trainers

If you are interested to offer 10 hours of your time to help teams participating on the coming FIDE Online Olympiad 2021, please let us know:

You will need to be a currently licensed FST, FT or FI and with the GM or IM title.

The work is five (5) hours helping prepare the assigned team before the event starts and another five (5) hours after to review their performance.

Please let is know if you are interested, via email to before 30 July 2021.

List of Applications Received to Date:

1Dimitri KomarovGM & FST 2493UKR 
2Reinaldo Vera Gonzalez-Quevedo GM & FST 2443CUB 
3Slim BouazizGM & FST 2261TUN 
4Alojzije JankovicGM & FT2537CRO 
5Jaroslaw KrassowizkijIM & FT2448GER 
6Sequera Paolini, Jose RafaelIM & FT2402VEN 
7Robert KreislIM & FT2395AUT 
8Martha L. Fierro BaqueroIM & FT2359ECUF
9Watu Kobese IM & FT2324RSA 
10Enkhtuul Altan-UlziiWGM & FT2228MGLF
11Aleksandra DimitrijevicWGM & FT2125SERF
12Daniel CawderyIM & FI2419RSA 
13Rodwell MakotoIM & FI2352ZIM 

Reserve List (Not Meeting Strict Criteria)

1Jose Francisco Suarez RoaFM & FST2045ESP 
1Zoltan Istvan ZamboFM & FI2368HUN 
2Reuben SalimuFI1901ZIM 
3Kapush, OleksandrFI1731CAN 
4Clyde  WolpeFIURRSA