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Results of the Online FIDE Trainer Seminar for the Middle East 24-26 July 2022

A record-breaking FIDE Trainers’ Seminar with unprecedented participation of 82 participants from 14 countries addressed middle east trainers during the period from 24th to 26th of July, 2022. 

The online seminar, organized By the Asian Chess Federation in Association with Asia Chess Academy under the supervision of FIDE, witnessed a grand gathering of a group of the best trainers of all time; GM Artur Jussupow, GM Alexander Khalifman, GM Aleksey Dreev, GM Ivan Sokolov, and GM Vladimir Malakhov. 

The closing ceremony was honorably attended by FIDE president, Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich, FIDE managing director, Ms. Dana Reizniece-Ozola, and general secretary of the Asian Chess Federation, Mr. Hisham Al Taher. 

In his speech, FIDE president greeted the participants from Chennai, India, where the chess Olympiad was to soon take place. He addressed FIDE individuals’ acts in celebrating, organizing, and enjoying the chess festival on the table. 

Mr. Dvorkovich expressed his belief that FIDE’s collaboration with Asian Chess Federation had helped national federations achieve good results, as so many coaches from around the world could join the seminars and improve their levels using the expertise of their great lecturers.

Mr. Dvorkovich promised to continue FIDE’s efforts and support to raise a new generation of coaches and chess players in all national federations around the world. 

Finally, Mr. Dvorkovich thanked Mr. Sami Khader, Asia Chess Academy director, and his team for the successful organization of the seminar. 

The Managing director greeted all attendees and congratulated them on one of the greatest seminars of all time. She expressed her satisfaction of the seminar both quantitively and qualitatively for it had broken the record of 70 participants achieved only 3 times in history, and for gathering a group of lecturers she considered some of the best of all times. 

Ms. Dana also thanked the partners ACF and ACA for she believed they are pillars without whom it wouldn’t have been possible to cover the region and promote the quality of the products of the trainer’s commission.

Ms. Dana emphasized on the importance of streamlining the future seminars, where content of each seminar shall be announced ahead. She also declared a plan of suggesting works to be submitted by trainers to revive their titles after receiving them. 

Ms. Dana also promised to diversify seminars’ languages with the needed support to help clarify any inquiries by participants who had faced difficulties with English. Asian Chess Federation General Secretary, welcomed the participants and delivered ACF congratulations to them. Mr. Al Taher also thanked the respectful lecturers, and promised to proceed with ACF efforts in planning new events to develop chess in the continent. 

Special report by Sami Khader

Results Table

No.FIDE IDNameFedProposed Title
19400273Al-Hadarani, HatimYEMDI
25001412Acharya, Chandragupta K.INDDI
342519314Mahmoudi, ParvizIRIDI
422003886Al Farsi, AzizOMADI
522004190Al Mamari, AhmedOMADI
633412561Bhute NikhilINDDI
732790740Karimi Boukani, SaeidIRIDI
825058657Balasubramanian AINDDI
911200014Mohsin, Basim ABRNNI
1111503017Miqdad, FadiPLENI
128103070Firas, Abu IbeyaJORNI
135031109Chandan, MandalINDNI
145031885Nandhini, SaripalliINDNI
1510602950Abbas, AhmedEGYNI
165024633Manu, MINDNI
1735047698Chetan SharmaINDNI
185302994Khairallah, RalphLBNNI
1912520012Vardkar, MohammadhosseinIRINI
2012585025Afshar Ahmadi, AminIRINI
2112597759Ramezanpoor, NiloofarIRINI
2212597740Ramezanpoor, NeginIRINI
2312541893Moradi, ShirinIRINI
2425010239Gaikwad, SiddhantINDFI
2522520805Hakemi, ArmanIRIFI
2612557935Kashefi, Amir HoseinIRIFI
2712508519Pourshahmari, Hamid RezaIRIFI
2812521337Delavari, AmiraliIRIFI
2912502375Asadi, SadeghIRIFI
3012511722Torkamannejad, JavadIRIFI
315045657Niraj, SaripalliINDFI
3212553026Korevand, SinaIRIFI
3312505013Mirzaei, Hossein.IRIFI
3412500925Khorshidi, MohammadrezaIRIFI
3512502804Shafaee, H.IRIFI
3612542563Chavari, Mohammad MahdiIRIFI
3712502995Pirmaleki, SaeidIRIFI
3812537624Arzanipour, MazdakIRIFI
3912539660Ghesmati, AryanIRIFI
4012507555Ebrahimzadeh, MohammadnaghiIRIFI
4112507008Mohammadzadeh, ImanIRIFI
4212521736Mohazzab, SepehrIRIFI
4312512540Sedaghat Khah, Hamid RezaIRIFI
449400303Fahmi, AmjadYEMFI
4512508616Abrishami, ArvinIRIFI
4612508322Vardkar, MariamIRIFI
4712522090Soleimani, ZahraIRIFI
4812576301Movahedi, YasharIRIFI
4912518050Hosseini,Hossein AliIRIFI
5112562904Jouzani, MasoudIRIFI
5212526819Hashemi, Amir ErfanIRIFI
5312546518Hosseinkhani, MojtabaIRIFI
5412570699Shohreh, ShayanIRIFI
5512531510Jamali, ArvinIRIFI
5612522082Sharif Nataj, KhadijehIRIFI
5712521604Lorparizangeneh, ShahinIRIFT
585023335Ankit, R. RajparaINDFT
595024366Anurag, MhamalINDFT
6012514195Khodashenas, MersadIRIFT
6125041142Krishnater KushagerINDFT
6212541451Molaei, MohammadaminIRIFT
6313503650Cherepov, AlexejBLRFT
6412507326Shamsi, MohammadhosseinIRIFT
6512501522Salehzadeh, M.r.IRIFT
6622551107Ghorban, MohammadIRIDI
6722504591Aghajani Fesharaki, HadiIRINI
6812586838Zolfaghari, NiloofarIRINI
6912550990Shirinbayan, NimaIRINI
7012560839Firooznia, MehrdadIRINI
7112544779Veysi Rahim Abadi, MiladIRIFI
7212504874Mosadeghpoor, MohsenIRIFI
7312502731Saeedi, RezaIRIFI
7412558168Bayat, Mohammad RezaIRIFI
754808193Pshtiwan Ahmed Shekh HamadIRQDI
7622001140Al Maqbali, Faham SaidOMADI
775303141Iaali, AbdelrahmanLBNNI
78851310Rizzi, VolfangoWLSNI
7912503924Sadeh, ShahinIRIFI
801117858Tworuszka, MichalPOLFI
8212539775Karimi, MohammadIRIFI

We have received a number of appeals and careful consideration have been given to each, and adjustments made as appropriate.

The title recommendations are now final.