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Results of FIDE Trainer Online Seminar (Arabic Africa) 14-16 January 2021

During the period 14th to 16th of Jan 2021, TRG organized a FIDE Online Trainers’ Seminar for the African Chess Confederation. The seminar was attended by 26 participants from 6 Arabic speaking African countries.

The opening ceremony witnessed the presence of the African Chess Confederation President (Lewis Ncube), the Arab Chess Federation President (Sheikh Saud Bin Abdulaziz Al Mualla), the TRG Chairman (Mikhail Kobalia), and the TRG Secretary (Peter Long).

The three -day seminar was enriched with lectures presented by GM Bassem Amin, GM Slim Bouaziz, IM Sami Khader and WGM Amina Mezioud.

The closing ceremony witnessed the presence of FIDE President (Arkady Dvorkovich), the African Chess Confederation President (Lewis Ncube), and the TRG Chairman (Mikhail Kobalia).

Mr. Dvorkovich thanked the organizers and expressed his appreciation for this active start of the year by the African Chess Confederation and he assured the participants and officials of FIDE’s partnership in this event along with the rest of global chess activities.

Mr. Ncube thanked FIDE and its President for their support in developing chess in Africa and emphasized the importance of Trainers’ Seminars in qualifying better trainers who can train competent players to represent Africa.

GM Kobalia praised the taking of practical moves towards improving chess in Africa and promised to organize more events to lever Africa’s chess to the top level in the future.

Results Table

No.FIDE IDNameFederationProposed Title
19215034Mustafa. Ali SaiedLBANI
29202005Aborezika, MohamedLBAFI
39202137Aljrebe, AhmedLBANI
49019979Bouljalala faridMARNI
59000488El Yazidi, MustaphaMARFI
69019960Makhlouf LamyaeMARDI
79019987Anaimi mohammedMARNI
819600151Cheikhna, Mohamed LemineMTNNI
919601433Hassan Sidi Mohamed  CheikhMTNFI
1012201162Wadidi, SamirSUDFT
1112210293Mortada Mansour IdrisSUDFI
1212200875 Tagelsir, AbubakerSUDFT
1312200182Mohamed AnwarSUDFT
1412201588Ahmed Hassan AhmedSUDNI
1512202070Amro Abbo HamadSUDFI
1612203130Mohammed AwadSUDFI
1712207705Mohamed Alkhaleel KhatirSUDNI
1812201529Ibtihal MohammedSUDFI
1912201480Tayseer MohammedSUDNI
2012201456Sara, Gadalla KararSUDFI
2112210285Amar Elnour MohamedSUDDI
2212204447khtab kamalSUDNI
2312207438Eltayeb DafaallaSUDFI
245500605Jmila, OmarTUNFI