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Results of the FIDE Trainer Seminar in Nouackchott

The first FIDE Trainer Seminar in Mauritania was held from 28th to 31th October 2019 at the Wissal Hotel Nouackchott and 24 trainers from Mauritania participated in the Seminar.

Lecturer leader: FST, GM, IO and NA Slim Bouaziz (Tunisia) and his assistant FT, FA and SI Boydia Moulaye (Mauritania) did their best to make the participants enjoy the lecture and the trainers were very pleased with the activities and  the examinations.

My assistant Boydia Moulaye helped me a lot in making my lecturer work easy.

Taking in mind the chess level, trainers experience, the titles, the bibliography, the attendance and the exams, the participants were recommended to be awarded 15 DI titles, eight (8) NI titles and one (1) FI title.

We would say many thanks to the African Chess Confederation and Mauritania Chess Federation and at it’s head Mr Tajedine Sidi Mohamed who helped us in our work for the technical and organizational success of this seminar.

We thank also Mr Abderahmane Ethmane President of Mauritanian Olympic Committee and Mr Sidi Mohamed Khadi, Vice President for their support.

Results Table

No.FIDE IDNameCountryProposed Title
119600054Hemam, Moulaye BrahimMauritaniaFI
219600615Abdallahi Med MahmoudMauritaniaNI
319601719El Hady El WaledMauritaniaNI
419600399Ahmed YahaMauritaniaNI
519601433Hassan Sidi Mohamed CheikhMauritaniaNI
619600020Kreiked, Aly MoctarMauritaniaNI
719600917Med mahd med beibaMauritaniaNI
819601751Mohamed Lemine Ahmed YacoubMauritaniaNI
919600593Oubeid BederMauritaniaNI
1019602308Ahmed Sabar MalickMauritaniaDI
1119602316Aichetou Mohamed Yahya TlayourMauritaniaDI
1219601379Baba Saad BouhMauritaniaDI
1319602324Dedah Zidbih MamadyMauritaniaDI
1419600380Elhaj Med ElbechirMauritaniaDI
1519601840khadija ahmed med salehMauritaniaDI
1619602197Khadijetou Mohamed Abdellahi LeffadMauritaniaDI
1719602227Lalla Sidina BoidiyaMauritaniaDI
1819600070Lekhlifa, MohamedMauritaniaDI
1919602286Masseye Ibrahima NdlayeMauritaniaDI
2019601646Moctar Bacar SneibaMauritaniaDI
2119601590Mohamed JiddouMauritaniaDI
2219602278Mohamed Mohamed Cheikh BoydiyaMauritaniaDI
2319600860Moustapha, Cheikh BrahimMauritaniaDI
2419601999Sidi Mohamed Yahya TlayourMauritaniaDI