Two New Tier-1 Regional FIDE Academies

The FIDE Trainer’s Commission (TRG) is pleased to announce that the FIDE Council has approved two new FIDE Academies, the Indian Institute for Chess Excellence (IICE -India) and Sekolah Catur Utut Adianto (SCUA-Indonesia).

Both IICE-India and SCUA-Indonesia are Tier-1 and Regional Academies with full rights for the organising of FIDE Trainer Seminars, Workshops, and Courses under the supervision of TRG.

While IICE-India, led by FST Vishal Sareen, will take a leading role in the Indian Sub-Continent and English speaking Asia, SCUA-Indonesia, led by FST Utut Adianto, will focus on countries using the Malay-Indonesia language.

There are now a total of 40 FIDE Endorsed Academies from all continents which are able to conduct lessons in at least 20 international and local languages.