Upcoming Seminars & Workshops

FIDE Trainer Seminar from 7-12 August 2020, at the Moscow Olympiad

We thank FIDE ED Victor Bologan and Olympiad 2020 COO Anton Zhuravlev for their agreement and support for a FIDE Trainer Seminar from 7-12 August 2020 at the Moscow Olympiad.

The objectives are:

  1. To help team captains without trainer licences to get a waiver to participate in the Olympiad through attendence in the seminar.
  2. Give the opportunities for trainer titles and licences and of course training and exposure to those from countries where it is not always easy for them to attend a seminar.

To minimise impact of games played, we are planning for the seminar to be held three (3) hours daily, during the actual rounds.

FST & GM Artur Yusupov has agreed to make himself available on those dates to lead the seminar.

We will update this announcement with the full details in cooperation with the 2020 Olympiad organisers soon as possible.