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Meetings of TRG Council and TRG Commission

The FIDE Trainers’ Commission held it’s first two meetings in 2020 – on Skype – of the TRG Council on 25 February 2020 and of the TRG Commission on 27 February 2020.

Our meeting on 25 February saw a full attendence where proposed new TRG regulations to be submitted at the next FIDE Presidential Board, were adopted.

Major changes include a title and licence revamp, and a general tidying up of the rights, rules and obligations of trainers and academies with FIDE together with the incorporation of faster decision making but with increased oversight.

There was also agreement to the addition of a grassroots education category to the 2020 Trainer Awards, a long overdue recogition of the important work done by trainers, and which also ensures that all now have the opportunity to win an award.

With that, the TRG Chairman and TRG Council were able to inform our proposals to the members of the TRG Commission present and to take their feedback and advice.

The only point of contention was if academies should continue to have the right to send players to international youth championships, the TRG Council taking the view this is a ultimately a legal and policy matter for FIDE as the national chess federations are it’s membership.