FIDE Trainer Seminar on Teaching Players with Disabilities

The Competition for the disabled at the World Chess Olympiad 2020 will see a FIDE Trainer Seminar on teaching players with disabilities.

This seminar will be held daily for one hour, starting 30 minutes after the start of play, during rounds one to five.

All participating teams are invited to register one or more members to attend. Trainer license requirements are also waived for all team captains attending, who will all be awarded the Developmental Instructor title.

Four FIDE Commissions have come together for this program – the FIDE Trainers Commission (TRG), the FIDE Commission for the Disabled (DIS), the FIDE Events Commission (EVE) and the FIDE Medical Commission (MED).

The lead lecturer and moderator will be FIDE Senior Trainer and Grandmaster Thomas Luther, Chairman of the DIS Commission.

His expert co-lecturers will be FIDE International Organiser and International Arbiter Ozgur Solakoglu (Chairman of the Events Commission) and Dr. Amelia Hernandez (Member of the Medical Commission). The program coordinator will be Peter Long (Secretary of the Trainers Commission).