Important News

All FIDE Trainer Seminars To Be Organised Online

The FIDE Trainers Commission (TRG) will now be directly organising all FIDE Trainer Seminars.

TRG is already working with FIDE Affiliated Organisations and fellow FIDE Commissions for the organisation and promotion of these FIDE Trainer Online Seminars.

More details as to how this will work can be found at:

We plan twenty seminars from April to September 2020 which we hope will cover all geographical regions accomodating all major languages and invite all eligible parties to work with us as a co-organiser in this chess development initiative.

Currently three seminars are already confirmed:

  1. Europe from 3-5 April 2020 led by FST and GMs Thomas Luther and Artur Yusupov.
  2. Asia (East Asia and Oceania) from 24-26 April 2020 and facilitated by the Philipine Academy for Chess Excellence led by FST & GM Jayson Gonzales. This multi-lecturer seminar includes FIDE Trainer Awards winner Ramesh RB and Yu Shaoteng, and two legends in Asia’s first Grandmaster Eugene Torre and Asia’s first World Champion Xie Jun.
  3. Europe (German language) from 1-3 May 2020.

We have three (3) more seminars are in the final stages of preparation in May and June 2020 respectively and they are:

  1. Americas (Spanish language) to be led by FST and GM Alonso Zapata
  2. Asia (Middle East and Arabic language) facilitated by the Asia Chess Academy led by FST & IM Sami Khader.
  3. Europe (Russian language) led by FST & GM Alexander Motylev.

A collaboration with the European Chess Union (ECU) led by FST & GM Ivan Sokolov is expected to see four (4) more seminars in June 2020.