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On Appeals for the Titles Recommended at FIDE Trainer Online Seminars in 2020

Dear Participants

We thank all of you for your participation in the many FIDE Trainer Online Seminars we have conducted from April 2020.

Titles have been approved for the seminars held 3-5 April , 24-26 April and 1-3 May 2020 at the FIDE Council meeting Q2 2020, and while some of you have already paid in advance for your title, we are writing to the rest to make payment to FIDE.

For the more recent seminars held 22-24 May, 29-31 May, 5-7 June, and 26-28 June, we have published our recommendations and asked if you will accept the titles with the deadline being 31 July, after which we will begin to prepare the list submission for approval at the FIDE Council Meeting Q3 2020.

There are some unhappy with the titles recommended and have communicated this to us in various ways.

We remind you that the examination process and criteria was communicated in advance, and while it is your right to appeal, please do so in a respectful manner, just once to, and not in a series of emails, and more so when from the start, also deciding to involve parties who have no standing in the matter.

Such appeals will not be entertained.

The TRG Council at its meeting on 30 June 2020 has set up an Exam Panel which will also review all appeals and accordingly made the following decisions:

1. The TRG Secretary will write to all seminar participants on Friday 3 July 2020 and also publish on TRG website informing that all appeals must be sent individually in writing, direct and without copy to third parties, to the official TRG email together with a deposit of Euros 50 to FIDE within 5 working days (deadline Friday 10 July).

2. The TRG Secretary will then compile all appeals and the relevant examination information submitted at the respective seminars for the Exam Panel on Monday 13 July, after which they will convene to make their decisions by 24 July.

3. The TRG Secretary will post the Exam Panel’s decisions, which will be final, on 27 July on the TRG website and which will be TRG’s final communications. Successful appeals will have their deposits refunded,

If the result is still not what you want, you have the right to decline the proposed title.

We have done our best to provide seminars which facilitate learning and your professional development, and that is what you paid for, and so while we welcome constructive criticism to help us improve, there is no refund simply because you feel the lecturers did not give you what you wanted or that you deserve a different title.