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Results for the FIDE Trainer Seminar (USA) 11-13 December 2020

The Mechanics’ Institute’s first FIDE Trainer’s Seminar held from December 11-13, 2020 was a big success, with 19 students looking to enhance their credentials and expand their chess knowledge. World class trainers taught over 3 days on a wide range of topics including psychological issues, different levels of training, analyzing one’s own games, calculation and tactics training and the role of the trainer.

Instructors included GM Melik Khachiyan, GM Jacob Aagaard, GM Dejan Bojkov, IM John Donaldson, WIM Alexey Root, Dr. Judit Sztaray, and Mechanics’ Institute Chess Director Abel Talamantez.

It was a diverse cohort with people of many backgrounds and skill levels, including grandmasters, international masters, chess enthusiasts, and chess coaches of all levels, including many scholastic coaches. The vast experiences of the group made it a very educational experience.

Particularly engaging was WIM Alexey Root, who utilized Zoom breakout rooms throughout her presentation to get people to interact with different members and facilitate new discussions on the topic of psychological issues in coaching students. The blending of the different styles of instruction from the lecturers had a little something for everyone.

Dr. Judit Sztaray also added something very new to FIDE seminars with a lecture on online chess. The technical parts of the teaching of chess was covered by GM Khachiyan, GM Aagaard, GM Bojkov, and IM Donaldson, covering many different aspects from opening to endgames to the study of classical games. It was an amazing weekend of learning.

We look forward to organizing more seminars in 2021, including some educational and professional development opportunities, particularly in the area of online chess. We would like to thank Peter Long and FIDE for their support.

Abel Talamantez

Chess Director, Mechanics’ Institute


No.FIDE IDNameCountryProposed Title
15090580Rekha SagarINDDI
2NO FIDE, USCF:14345153Danni ChenUSADI
35110203Julio Avella-ZanellaMEXDI
42864286Juan CendejasUSADI
530930189Judit SztarayUSADI
610200258Neamul NeruBANNI
72093235Annastasia WyzywanyUSANI
85115620Gaspar Garcia MoralesMEXNI
92051400Holly McRobertsUSANI
1030922658Rich WillisUSANI
115009871Prathiba YuvarajanINDNI
122066971Andy SchleyUSANI
13NO FIDE, USCF:16005636Rajkumar HonmurgiUSANI
142035359Timothy MoroneyUSAFI
1514140667Yuriy KrykunUKRFI
165105994Ivette Alejandra Garcia MoralesMEXFI
173800482Renzo GutierrezPERFI
18726265Peter ProhaszkaHUNFT
198604282Qibiao WangCHNFT
202017288Michael AignerUSAFT