Development Programs

Final List for FIDE Olympiad Training Support is to 48 Teams from 31 Federations

With the withdrawal of several Federations that earlier applied for Olympiad Training Support, we have been able to accommodate additional Federations who had appealed not being able to commit participation earlier, making it a total of 48 teams of which 17 are women.

Each Federation were asked to choose from the list of trainers given who applied but there were cases where no trainer was acceptable to them with good reasons while others lacked the language skills demanded.

We understand the disappointment of some of our trainer colleagues not selected but we cannot force a team to take a trainer they do not want and so TRG had no other option but to directly negotiate with the Federations in question to agree a suitable trainer.

On completion of Phase 1 – the online pre-Olympiad training, the Federations will have the option to continue with the trainer chosen/assigned to them to continue to work with them in Phase 2 – as trainer-captains of teams in Chennai, provided the trainer agrees and the Federation’s hotel accommodation is allocated and their airfare covered with the help of the travel subsidy awarded.

Alternatively the Federation may choose from a pool of 20 licensed trainers, selected by the All Indian Chess Federation (AICF) and endorsed by the FiDE Trainers’ Commission (TRG).

We wish to state here that should we find that there was insufficient commitment or seriousness in Phase 1 training or that the team’s level was found to be simply too low, then the FIDE Trainers’ Commission (TRG) will not agree to having a trainer in Chennai paid for by FIDE.

No.FederationLanguagesTrainer Choices & Allocation
1BotswanaEnglishVishal Sareen
 & Women TeamEnglish 
3BarbadosEnglishSwayams Mishra
 & Women TeamEnglish 
5BermudaEnglishAleksandra Dimitrijevic
 & Women TeamEnglish 
7British Virgin IslandsEnglishChristiansen Sava
8CambodiaEnglish, ChineseJackson Li
9CameroonFrenchNeeraj-Kumar Mishra
10DjiboutiFrenchVladimir Lazarev
11DominicaEnglishReinaldo Vera Gonzalez
12FijiEnglishSekhar Sahu
 & Women TeamEnglish 
14GabonFrench, EnglishMarko Tratar
 & Women TeamFrench, English 
16GhanaEnglishRibli Zlotan
 & Women TeamEnglish 
18GambiaEnglishJamie Kenmure
 & Women TeamEnglish 
20GuernseyEnglishEnkhtuul Altan-Ulzii
21GuyanaEnglishGeorg Mohr
22JerseyEnglishAlonso Zapata
 & Women TeamEnglish 
24KenyaEnglishMarian Petrov
 & Women TeamEnglish 
26Liechtenstein*GermanUwe Boensch
27MalawiEnglishKomarov, Dmytro
 & Women TeamEnglish
29MaltaEnglishTadej Sakelsek
30MauritaniaFrenchVladimir Lazarev
 & Women TeamFrenchMezioud Amina
32NauruEnglishMakota Rodwell
33PakistanEnglishGaprindashvili, Valeriane
 & Women TeamEnglish 
35Palestine*Arabic, EnglishJaroslaw Krassowizkij
 & Women TeamArabic, English
37Saint LuciaEnglishJomo Pitterson
38Sao Tome PrincipePortuguese, SpanishRodney Oscar Perez Garcia
 & Women TeamPortuguese, Spanish
40SenegalFrenchGripeos Kiriakos
 & Women TeamFrench
42SomaliaEnglishGeorg Mohr
 & Women TeamEnglishNeeraj-Kumar Mishra
44St. Nevis & KittsEnglishReinaldo Vera Gonzalez
45St. Vincent and GrenadinesEnglishJosé Luis Vilela Acuña
46SudanArabic, EnglishSami Khader*
47TogoFrenchSlim Bouaziz
 & Women TeamFrench

*To be replaced

From earlier expressions of interest, FIDE budgeted for a total of 50 teams and so may in very special circumstance be able to accept two more teams.