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Report and Results of the FIDE Trainer Seminar in German Language from 7-9 October 2022

FIDE Online Trainer Seminar in German was organised by the FIDE Academy “Yusupov Chess School” on behalf of FIDE Trainers’ Commission on 7-9 Oktober 2022.

The lecturers were FIDE Senior Trainers Artur Jussupow and Uwe Boensch. FIDE-Trainer Nadja Jussupow was a technical assistant during the seminar. 

We had a total of 18 participants from 5 countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Mongolia and Kosovo. Most of them (14) took an exam to be able to apply for one of the FIDE Trainer titles. The results of the seminar can be found in the following table.

Results Table

No.FIDE IDNameFedProposed Title
14644204Galow, WolfgangGERNI
216200209Rachor, FelixGERNI
324663620Wortmann, Klaus PeterGERNI
44701194Hamiti, GaniKOSNI
54688805Bernauer, StephanGERNI
616229711Pietzko, Andreas Dr.GERNI
74901150Ulziibat, Bat-OchirMGLFI
824619957Walther, TimGERFI
91314530Gaehwiler, Gabriel SUIFI
101634852Drangnev, ValentinAUTFT
1112917990Krause, BenedictGERFT
1212945609Scheftlein, RichardGERFT
131302388Good, DanielSUIFT
1424662402Baskin, RobertGERFT
151639293Bauer, ThomasAUTFT