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Up to four titles are awarded at FIDE Trainer Seminars: Developmental Instructor, National Instructor, FIDE Instructor, and FIDE Trainer.

We have a guide to payment for titles and licenses on our website: and this same link is in all seminar prospectus published.

The FIDE Trainer System works like this:

1 The seminar organizer charges a fee for participation to cover his or her expenses including the lecturer fees, moderators, seminar related costs, examinations fees, etc.

2 Separately, a title fee is charged when the title proposed has been agreed to by the participant and is then approved by the FIDE Council which usually meets quarterly.

3 This title fee is 50 Euro for Developmental Instructor and National Instructor, 100 Euro for FIDE Instructor, and 200 Euro for FIDE Trainer.

4 Once the decision of the FIDE Council is official, we publish this on the TRG website and inform all the seminar organizers to inform the participants.

5 Sometimes we have participants trying to pay in advance of the title award but more often are not aware this title fee needs to be paid.

6 In some cases a Federation will agree to be invoiced or inform they wish to pay for a title but usually the participant must do it directly.

Again, all ways that payment can be made is in the link given: so please check it.

We advise when payment is made to inform us by email to: with a copy of the payment advice (transaction record) with copy to

That is the fastest way we can update your profile on the FIDE website and to get your title certificate send.

Note that the title comes together with a two-year license based on the calendar year the title was awarded and after you are expected to renew for four years.

Again, all this is in the link already given, where it is 30 Euro for Developmental Instructor and National Instructor, 60 Euro for FIDE Instructor, and 120 Euro for FIDE Trainer.