Olympiad Captaincy Sponsorship Program

We have proposed the continuation of this program – with some important changes after receiving critical imput from various stakeholders including the FIDE Planning and Development Commmission (PDC) – and are now waiting the decision by FIDE Management/FIDE Presidential Board.

  1. Eligible are federations not in arrears and in levels 3-5 (under 2300, under 2000 and under 1800) as per the FIDE rating list as at 1 January 2020. These Federations have to register their interest to be considered.
  2. Qualified are trainers with FIDE Senior Trainer and FIDE Trainer titles together with GM, IM and WGM titles. These trainers have to register their interest and submit a training resume and then be entered into a trainer pool.
  3. TRG with PDC will faciliate the matching with eligible federations choosing from the qualfied trainer pool. In general it will be on a “first come first serve” basis. TRG will take the role of program manager and look to facilitate communications.

In the meantime, although we cannot guarantee anything, we invite qualified trainers to submit their interest to: trainers@fide.com. And don’t forget to include your training resume!