Seminar Reports

Results of the FIDE Trainer Seminar in Beijing

Report by Peter Long

The Capital Institute of Physical Education and Sport in Beijing, China together with the Chinese Chess Association, organised a very special FIDE Trainer Seminar with practically the entire China National Team Coaching Panel with no less than four FIDE Senior Trainers agreeing to be lecturers.

GMs Ye Jiangchuan, Xie Jun, Xu Yuhua and Xu Jun were only missing Yu Shaoteng who was on national assignment at the Russia-China Match.

Xie Jun is China’s first World Chess Champion and the inspiration for generations of chess players after, is also a Vice President at the Capital Institute.

The first topic was on how to teach and study theoretical endgames.

Like in many parts of the world, chess is growing at grassroots level and so it was necessary to have a discussion on the various challenges faced by trainers while doing a workshop on the ‘ABCs of Teaching Chess to Beginners’. 

Xu Yuhua is also a World Champion and a very popular and charming personality who provided instruction on tactics, attack and calculation. 

Ye Jiangchuan is the President of the Chinese Chess Association but remains very much involved in the coaching of the national team and took time our from his busy schedule to lead a discussion on practical endgames.

The final lecturer, on openings, was National Mens Team Coach Xu Jun.

Results Table

No.FIDE IDNameFedD.O.B.Proposed Title
18603138李瑛凯 Li YingkaiCHN1989FI
28611955孟    悦 Meng YueCHN1970FI
38603898李臻宇 Li ZhenyuCHN1992FI
48605262王珊珊 Wang Shanshan CHN1984FI
58611556叶佳旭 Ye JiaxuCHN1979FI
68603170谭    娜  Tan NaCHN1988FI
78608121刘蔓犁 Liu ManliCHN1996FI
88621268杜春晖 Du ChunhuiCHN1987FI
98604959陈    骏 Chen  JunCHN1995FI
108606048吴思博 Wu SiboCHN1995FI
118608083崔喜善  Cui XishanCHN1996FI
128604843谢博文 Xie BowenCHN1990FI
138604746房    岩 Fang YanCHN1996FI
148606129洪    星 Hong XingCHN1998FI
158611050姜昭伊 Jiang ZhaoyiCHN1999FI
168609152吴蒙娴 Wu MengxianCHN1994FI
178615802张一平 Zhing YipingCHN1961FI
188636389李    博 Li BoCHN1992FI
198637229杨    林 Yang LinCHN1964FI
208602085吴文辉 Wu,WenhuiCHN1975NI
218602115裴   斌  Pei BinCHN1985NI
228611963王    珍 Wang ZhenCHN1968NI
238626103邱   天 Qiu TianCHN1985NI
248631190孙伟琦 Sun WeiqiCHN1979NI
258624569孟   玫 Meng MeiCHN1988NI
268637075孙婷婷 Sun TingtingCHN1985NI
278637130任   品 Ren PinCHN1993NI
288637067李海冠 Li HaiguanCHN1967NI
298637083陈    伟 Chen WeiCHN1973NI
308637091张建伟 Zhang jianweiCHN1971NI
318637105吴    莉 Wu LiCHN1990NI
328606722刘晓妮 Liu XiaoniCHN1983NI
338637113刘   成 Liu ChengCHN1971NI
348637121王俊杰 Wang Jun Jie CHN1986NI
358637148杨锡厅 Yang XitingCHN1983NI
368605513庄    蕾 Zhuang LeiCHN1989NI
378637164许光玲 Xu GuanglingCHN1971NI
388614156张瑞中 Zhang RuizhongCHN1999NI
398637172陈    琼 Chen QiongCHN1970NI
408637180洪    啸 Hong XiaoCHN1983NI
418637199兰    天 Lan TianCHN1988NI
428637369谢    韵  Xie YunCHN1994NI
438637202柳泓宇 Liu HongyuCHN1998NI
448637210沈广凯 Shen Guang KaiCHN1993NI
458637237陈   琛      Chen ChenCHN1978NI
468637245董    倩 Dong QianCHN1992NI
478637253杨    婷 Yang TingCHN1993NI
488637261李玉燕 Li YuyanCHN1974NI
498637270包文明      Bao WenmingCHN1988NI
508637288李喜波 Li XiboCHN1979NI
518637296高天鸣 Gao TianmingCHN1995NI
528637300于    洋 Yu Yang CHN1980NI
538637334全利修 Quan LixiuCHN1991NI
548637318赵    彬 Zhao BinCHN1979DI
558637326冯    瀚 Feng HanCHN1972DI
568633428洪    峰 Hong FengCHN1960DI
578637377王    燕 Wang YanCHN1996DI