Results of the FIDE Trainer Seminar in Ho Chi Minh City

A FIDE Trainer Seminar was organised in Trebinje, Bosnia & Herzogovina from 20-22 December 2019, and conducted by FST & FM Ignatuis Leong and FT & GM Tu Hoang Thong.

There were 52 participants and the following titles were recommended:

Results Table

No.FIDE IDNameFedD.O.B.Title Proposed
1725056Cao, SangVIE1973FT
212402435Dang, Hoang SonVIE1994FT
312401439Ton, That Nhu TungVIE1991FT
412402133Nguyen, Hoang NamVIE1986FT
512402095Lam, Minh ChauVIE1961FT
612402109Nguyen, Phuoc TamVIE1995FI
712401013Luong, Phuong HanhVIE1983FI
812400386Vo, Hong PhuongVIE1979FI
912401374Nguyen, Sy HungVIE1984FI
1012403512Nguyen, Minh TuanVIE1989FI
1112403504Le, Cong CuongVIE1992FI
1212400467Le, Hien ThucVIE1979FI
1312404632Nguyen, Mai Duc TriVIE1989FI
1412401722Luong, Nhat LinhVIE1989FI
1512401633Huynh, Lam Binh NguyenVIE1994FI
1612404179Nguyen, Thi Thuy TrienVIE1995FI
1712415898Quach, Phuong MinhVIE1988FI
1812406112Pham, Minh HieuVIE1998FI
1912400378Nguyen, Anh TuanVIE1987FI
2016300190Ho, Hou-Meng, HermanMAC1984FI
2112401935Pham, Thi Thu HoaiVIE1990FI
2212425176Tran, Hung VuongVIE1996FI
2312413780Mai, Quoc HuyVIE2000FI
2412406228Phan, Nguyen Hung CuongVIE1996FI
2512418943Nguyen, Van QuanVIE1988FI
2612422614Le, Tran Minh NhatVIE1990FI
2712423130Nguyen, Tran Quynh NhuVIE1997NI
2812404853Le, Bao HuyVIE1999NI
2912404039Tran, Nguyen Huyen TranVIE2001NI
3012422835Phung, Duc TuongVIE1981NI
3112422100Dinh, Van HungVIE1984NI
3212422126Le, Thi Mai ThyVIE1984NI
3312404462Nguyen, Manh CuongVIE1977NI
3412426830Nguyen, Minh KhaVIE1997NI
3512421570Nguyen, Hoang ChinhVIE1980NI
3612425133Ha, Thi My DuyenVIE1993NI
3712426849Nguyen, Anh NguyenVIE1995NI
3812415910Pham, Trong NhanVIE1995NI
3912421960Le, Phuc Tran TuVIE1974NI
4012422746Pham, Tuan AnhVIE1983NI
4112404640Nguyen, Trung KienVIE1989NI
4212421740Vu, Anh QuanVIE1983NI
4312422851Thai, Ngoc LongVIE1985NI
4412426873Le, Ba VuongVIE1990NI
4512409308Tran, Ngoc TrongVIE1989NI
4612421669Pham, Duy KienVIE1982DI
4712406236Phung, Duc AnhVIE1995DI
4812422355Nguyen, Tuan LongVIE1990DI
4912409324Le, Thi Thanh ThuyVIE1985DI
5012426857Tran, Thanh TanVIE1989DI
5112426865Nguyen, Thi Hong ThuyVIE1995DI
5212422380Tran, Duc HaiVIE1995DI