Official List of Lecturers 2021

The FIDE Trainers Commission (TRG) has begun the process to appoint our official lecturers for 2021 and we hope to complete the process by the end of February 2021.

TRG Commission Members and the most active lecturers were first invited to apply (pre-approved) and they are:

1Mikhail KobaliaFST, GMRUS
2Alexander MotylevFST, GMPHI
3Yu ShaotengFST, GMIND
4Melikset KhachiyanFST, GMUSA
5Sami KhaderFST, IMJOR
6Alonso ZapataFST, GMCOL
8Antoaneta StefanovaFST, GMBUL
9Thomas LutherFST, GMGER
10Artur YusupovFST, GMGER
11Ivan SokolovFST, GMCRO
12Dejan BojkovFST, GMBUL
13Sergey JanovskyFST, GMRUS
14John DonaldsonFST, IMUSA

All remaining lecturers in 2020 has now been invited and we will also consider any nominations made by TRG Council members and FIDE Management Board members.

If accepted, with uninimous agreement of the TRG Council, they will however be required to attend an orientation program to familarise themselves with our teaching curriculum and evaluation system.

We have also invited panelists, experts in subject areas relevant to chess training, and they will also be key resources for our Trainer Professional Education & Development Workshops. and so far, two have accepted:

1Nikolaos NtirlisFTGRE
2Alexey RootWIMUSA

The TRG Council of course still reserves the right, on the recommendation of it’s Chairman, to appointed lecturers as needed on a case to case basis to fulfil our work in specific regions and languages.