2021-08-17 FIDE Chessable Academy: Sep/Oct 2021 program

Dear Students,

Welcome to the next stage of FIDE Chessable Academy!

Our next intake is for September and October and your groups and timings will now be as follows:

Group 1 under 2400: Saturdays 1600-1800 Berlin
Group 2 2100-2400: Saturdays 1500-1700 Berlin
Group 3 Russian under 1900: Saturdays 1100-1300 Moscow
Group 4 1800-2100: Saturdays 1500-1700 Berlin
Group 5 Spanish under 1700: Saturdays 1200-1400 New York
Group 6 1500-1800: Sundays 1500-1700 Berlin
Group 7 Russian under 1900: Sundays 1100-1300 Moscow
Group 8 Spanish under 1700: Sundays 1200-1400 New York
Group 9 under 1500: Sundays 1500-1700 Berlin

The main change is merging the old Groups 1 and 2, and adjusting some timings based on your feedback. 

You know your old and current FIDE Rating and if that has increased, and you also want to change your group, please inform us. Our email is chessable@fide.com.

Details of lecturers and the lessons they will teach will be posted no later than Monday, 23 August at FIDE Chessable Academy – FIDE Trainers’ Commission.

Your names and groups will also be posted.

For those new not yet familiar with Chessable Classroom, pleased also let us know so we can assist.

Best wishes

Peter Long
Organising Secretary
FIDE Chessable Academy