FIDE Chessable Academy

Official Start of the FIDE Chessable Academy 2022

Dear Participant of the 2022 FIDE Chessable Academy

The FIDE Chessable Academy will resume on Saturday, 5 March 2022. The first semester will continue till 25 May 2022, and classes will again be taught by some of the leading trainers in the world.

Here is the detailed schedule of your designated group, the lecturers and topics to be taught, timings, and the Classroom links:

We encourage you to visit the FIDE Chessable Academy section on TRG Commission website for more information and possible updates.

We ask you to join Chessable Classroom 30 minutes earlier on 5 March 2022 as both FIDE and Chessable officials will be present to welcome all of you, and this is the simplest way to say thank you!

Once again, I would like to remind all of the ground rules already informed earlier:

1. We have made every effort to design the scheme so you can participate in both major competitions and activities which will help your development and so expect you to have at least 75 percent attendance which simply means 10 out of 13 classes. 

2. Of course, if you can show that you need to participate in an important event that clashes, we are ready to give an exemption provided we are informed earlier with given proof of the same. 

3. The first month of this first semester is very important for both FIDE and Chessable to continue to invest in the program specially after we have accommodated every Federation nomination, so if you already have poor attendance at the start, you will not be allowed to continue the following month and will be excluded form any participation in FIDE Chessable Academy in 2022.

4. Your given Chessable account name is registered into the system and you will not be able to enter your Classroom if you use another credential.

5. Some of you still have not registered for a free account and without this you cannot join Chessable Classroom so please do this without delay and let me know. You might also want to check the following demos:

English / Spanish / Russian

We trust that you are as excited as we are with the resumption of this wonderful FIDE initiative and cannot never thank Chessable enough for not only their generous sponsorship making all this possible, but also the continuous resources and time being invested to help us make it a success.

Peter Long
Organizing Secretary
E-mail: chessable@fide com
Signal: +60 111 36 11 48