FIDE Chessable Academy

369 Nominations representing 81 Federations for FIDE Chessable Academy

There are a total of 369 nominations for FIDE Chessable Academy – from Federations, from FIDE Officials, TRG Commission Members and FIDE Endorsed Academies – and we have tried to accommodate all requests.


Dear FIDE Chessable Academy Nominees

We are pleased to inform you that you have been nominated for FIDE Chessable Academy by your Federation, a FIDE Official, member of the FIDE Trainers’ Commission or a FIDE Endorsed Academy.

Please check the attached list to confirm that all your details are correct and to advise us of any corrections needed.

Unfortunately we do not have enough response to have a French group but have been informed most can follow in English, the same with some Spanish speaking in Europe, but do let us know if still a problem and we will do our best to find a compromise.

The first of two semesters will be from March to May 2022, to be held on Saturdays 1100-1300 in the New York, Berlin and Moscow time zones respectively.

We will be very strict with attendance this year and require it be 75 percent, and if it is only 50 percent after one month you will be given a warning, and if there is no substantial improvement in the second month, then your participation will be terminated.

At the moment we have no plans to share recordings of lessons as this is not a video based course.

Note that your Chessable ID is your entry to the Chessable Classroom application where lessons will be held and if you do not have one we will help you with this.

You will be happy to know that Chessable has also agreed to organise training in the use of Chessable Classrooms and this will be published in the FIDE Chessable Academy section at and we encourage these who are unfamiliar or are interested to learn about many new features to attend.

We thank all of you for your participation and share your excitement to be given this very special opportunity for world class training made possible by FIDE with sponsorship from Chessable.

Best wishes
Peter Long

Organising Secretary


Signal: +60 1111 36 11 48