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Results of the FIDE Trainer Seminar in Paris

Report from Paris FIDE Trainer Seminar, held 6-9 of August 2019, by Lecturer, FST & GM Gurevich Mikhail.

The seminar was organized very well in Maison de la Tunisie in the south of Paris, Cite d’université.

Special thanks must go to Tahar Battikh, director of Maison de la Tunisie for excellent conditions provided for all participants of the seminar.

The seminar was held during Francophonie Championship, so, naturally, most of participants of the seminar was participants of the tournament played during afternoons…

Special thanks must go to President of AIDEF Patrick Van Hoolandt, main organizer of whole event, most professional FIDE Trainer and my assistant for the seminar.

Unique geography of participants of the seminar have to be noticed. Haiti, Senegal, Morocco, Moldova, Tunis just few countries to mention. Biggest presentation from France, obviously.

Seminar was provided in a form of interactive communication, where participants had great number of opportunities to show their skills by solving a lot of interesting problems.

All participants were active and learning with great enthusiasm.

Results Table

No.FIDE IDSurname, NameCountryTitle Proposed
1623636Delorme, AlbanFranceFT
2604615Derieux, ChristianFranceFI
319900163Diatta, Kaunduma RobertSengalFI
420650582Duquesne, AdrienFranceFI
59005382EL Baroudi, AbderrahmaneMoroccoNI
621400067Esungi, Guy BotetsiCongoNI
7675768Grigorian, RoudolphFranceFI
820665865Guerlach, KeigoFranceNI
9652091Hutois, Mickael FranceFI
10607827Krivokapic, RatkoFranceFT
1111900113Luxama, Jacques MullerHaitiFT
12656410Mouhamad, JoachinFranceFI
139000283Onkoud, AbdelazizMoroccoFT
1445151253Patte, Daphne FranceNI
15639990Pincon, Stephane FranceFI
16627763Ravot, SylvainFranceFI
17603902Seknadje-Askenazi, JoseFranceFI
189002073Slami, ZoheirMoroccoFI
1913900790Vedmediuc, SergheiMoldovaFT
205507588Zouaoui, MohamedTunisiaFT