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FIDE Trainer Awards for 2020-2021

The International Chess Federation, together with the FIDE Trainers’ Commission (TRG), is pleased to announce the 14th FIDE Trainer Awards for 2020 & 2021, which will recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements of the chess training community.

Achievements in 2019 and 2020 will be the basis of the trainers award while for books it will be those published in 2020. 

The categories have now been expanded to 10 so that every licensed trainer now has the opportunity to win an award and be recognized by their peers. 


Mikhail Botvinnik Award for the best achievement by a trainer in Open Section competitions
Vakhtang Karseladze Award for the best achievement by a trainer in womens competitions
Mark Dvoretsky Award for the best achievement by a trainer in junior competitions
Samuel Reshevsky Award for the best achievement by a trainer of a youth prodigy (U-14) in competitions
Yuri Razuvaev Award for special contribution to grassroots education, and social impact
Tigran Petrosian Award for special contribution to trainer education 
Vasily Smyslov Award for the best academy or chess school, to be voted on by the current FIDE endorsed academies
Liu Wenzhe Award to recognize the first coach, as endorsed by one or more leading chess players
Online Chess Training Award, for delivery or innovation in online chess training

Book Authors

Yuri Averbakh/Isaac Boleslavsky Award for best book

FIDE and the Trainers’ Commission invites nominations for the awards, under the following regulations:

Trainer Nominations

1. The awards must be for achievement in the years of the award 2019 and 2020

2. Only licensed trainers are eligible, the exceptions being for the Vasily Smyslov Award, the Liu Wenzhe Award and the Online Training Award.

3. Nominations can be made by FIDE Presidential Board members, Continental and FIDE Affiliated Organisations, National Chess Federations, TRG Commission members, Principals of FIDE Endorsed Academies, FIDE Senior Trainers and past winners.

4. No nominator can nominate the same nominee in more than one category.

5. All nominations must be sent to the TRG Secretary by 30th April. The Secretary will acknowledge receipt, compile and forward them to the TRG Awards Nomination Judges, as well as announce the list of nominations in May to ensure transparency.

6. There will be a panel of seven judges to be appointed by TRG in consultation with the FIDE Managing Board.

7. At least two judges will be women and all four continents will be represented.

8. The nomination and judging process will be subject to verification by a representative appointed by the FIDE Management Board.

Book Nominations

1. For the Yuri Averbakh/Isaac Boleslavsky Award, book publishers may make up to three nominations each. TRG will invite leading publishers to nominate a maximum of three books. One nominee from each publisher can be exempt from the requirement of a FIDE training license. Other publishers are welcome to request permission to submit, and in most cases, we will approve.

2. National Federations can also nominate one book by a licensed trainer.

3. A copy of nominated books has to be sent to TRG according to instructions by a given date in April.

4. This Award will be judged by a panel comprising three experts selected by TRG in consultation with the FIDE Management Board. The judges have the right to reject a nomination.

5. The nominations will be announced after the 31st March deadline, a shortlist will be announced by the 1st of July and the winner announced on 21st of July.

All nominations are to be sent to and the forms can be downloaded as follows:

Trainers Nominations:

Books nominations: